Which Type of Learning Coach Are You?

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When a student is enrolled in online school, they need a Learning Coach to support their lessons. A Learning Coach—typically a parent, guardian, or other trusted adult—helps to keep the student on track and gives them tailored support. 

If you’re considering becoming a Learning Coach, learn more about the responsibilities of Learning Coaches and take our quick quiz to discover which type of Learning Coach you are.

What Are a Learning Coach’s Responsibilities?

It’s a common misconception that a Learning Coach is responsible for teaching their online school student. This isn’t true. Instead, a Learning Coach supports their learner however they need it most. The support a Learning Coach provides is dependent on their coaching style, their student’s age, and the student’s needs. It’s critical to strike the right balance between providing enough support, while allowing your student to be independent. 

Some students, particularly younger learners, will need a lot of hands-on support from their Learning Coach. In this scenario, the Learning Coach will likely check-in throughout the day to ensure their learner is staying on track. For older, more self-sufficient students, their Learning Coach will provide more overarching support by checking in less frequently and encouraging independence. 

As a Learning Coach, you should:

  • Help your learner organize their daily tasks
  • Encourage your student to reach out to their teacher when necessary
  • Offer support as needed

Learning Coaches shouldn’t:

  • Replace their student’s teacher
  • Complete work on behalf of their student

Which Type of Learning Coach Are You?

Each learning coach is different; your style as a Learning Coach will depend on your personality, your expertise, and your learner. Take our quiz below to discover what type of Learning Coach you are and receive personalized resources based on your answers. 

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