Finding Your “YAY” Job: Career Readiness Starts by Pursuing Your Passions

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Even in ancient times, people recognized the importance of enjoying the work that they do. Chinese philosopher Confucius noted “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” In essence, if you love what you do, it doesn’t really feel like work.

Your job satisfaction directly influences your overall life satisfaction. It’s estimated that people spend one third of their lives at work. When you enjoy your job, studies show that you are more likely to have better physical and emotional health, have more energy, and can even live longer. On the flip side, when you are in a job you don’t enjoy, that leads to stress, sleep deprivation, and other negative health issues.

Our jobs often make up a big part of our identity. Ask any adult and they will tell you that “What do you do for a living?” is the first question they are typically asked when meeting someone new.

Finding Your “YAY” Job

But how do people find jobs and careers that inspire them? For high school students looking at what comes next, they may feel pressure to choose a career path or declare a college major so they can be accepted into prestigious programs. Some students know exactly what they want to do after graduation—they’ve done some career exploration and found that spark of interest that made them laser-focused on pursuing their dreams. For others, knowing what they want to do may not come so easily, which could cause undue stress and anxiety.

In my experience as a school counselor, around half of all high school students haven’t done any career exploration and aren’t sure which career path they will pursue after graduation. Those who do know and have some career readiness will often change their minds shortly after graduation.

While it’s important for students to not give into the pressure of choosing a career path before they are ready, it’s also important to use the years in school to try new things, explore different interests, and participate in activities that give them some career readiness.  The career exploration experiences students have in school could potentially lead to a fulfilling career that brings them joy, success, and, most importantly, well-being throughout their adult lives.

Discovering Interests at Every School Level

Think elementary school is too early to start thinking about a career? Think again! While elementary school students may not make the connection between the activities they choose to do and career readiness, children at this age are learning about the world around them and how people fit into that world through their different job roles.

Elementary school students have a natural curiosity about people they encounter in their everyday lives. The baker who hands them a cupcake, the doctor who makes them feel better when they are sick, and the teacher who guides them through their lessons are professionals that are familiar to elementary school students. Introducing career exploration at this age is as simple as pointing those people out and explaining the important role that they and others play in our society. You can talk to students about how people use their unique talents and strengths to do a job by asking them questions like “What does that person do in their job?” “Would you like to do that one day?” “Why is this job important?”

In middle school, students can do career exploration activities such as researching different careers and taking career inventories as they learn more about themselves and their individual strengths. Self-exploration is critical to the career exploration process, since understanding what interests and excites us can lead to identifying careers in which we can use those skills.

In high school, students should be more intentional about college preparation and career readiness. They can explore careers that interest them by taking relevant courses when available and participating in extracurricular activities that are related to their career interest area.

I also encourage students to take electives in subjects that they always wanted to learn about, but never had the opportunity. These electives are great career exploration opportunities, giving students a chance to learn about different subjects, which could lead to a future-fulfilling career. Job shadowing, interviewing different professionals, and watching informational videos about different careers, are other ways to discover career paths in high school.

Another great way to learn about different careers is to volunteer. Students who love animals could volunteer at an animal shelter. If they are interested in working in healthcare, hospitals and nursing homes often look for teen volunteers to fulfill a variety of duties. Volunteering for different organizations could help spark an interest in a future career path.

Make a Career Exploration Plan

If students aren’t sure what career would be right for them and it’s causing stress or anxiety, it helps to make a solid career exploration plan to investigate career options.

A good plan could include:

  • Identifying areas of strength and interests
  • Determining what excites and motivates you
  • Creating a mind map to generate ideas
  • Ruling out careers that do not interest you
  • Researching the requirements, salary, workload, and potential professional satisfaction for different careers
  • Enlisting the help of your school counselor or a college advisor

Remember that the decisions made while still in school are not set in stone! It is okay to change your mind later.

If a student is certain about which career they will pursue after high school, it’s wonderful that they have identified a career interest area that energizes and excites them. People who pursue careers where they can use their natural gifts and talents in some way have the highest rates of job satisfaction. I caution those students to be mindful that they are pursuing that career for the right reasons. Also, I tell them to keep in mind that even though they may be sure of their career choice right now, it is okay to change their mind in the future. Career exploration is okay to keep doing even as you enter the workforce. In fact, changing careers can help enrich professional education experience and lead to career advancement under the right circumstances.

Parents play an important role in helping their student excel and thrive in school and can provide valuable insights on potential career opportunities that they feel may be a good fit. They can also guide their student to career readiness activities. It is important that parents support their student as they explore different career options, even when they may not agree with their choices. In the end, most families will celebrate together when students are happy and successful and in career paths they have chosen for themselves.

How Online School Benefits Career Choice

Online schools like Connections Academy® provide limitless opportunities for self-discovery, which can spark career interests and career exploration. With the flexibility to complete lessons at their own pace, online school students have the opportunity to pursue different hobbies, attend rigorous practice schedules, and participate in volunteer activities, which helps them develop a better understanding of who they are and which careers may interest them.

Online school prepares students for a technologically-driven world. The curriculum and wide variety of electives support career readiness. School counselors get to know each student and can work individually with them to discuss their path after high school. Online school also helps students learn the soft skills they will need to find success after high school by teaching them how to be independent learners who can persevere, advocate for themselves, communicate well, and who understand the value of their own talents and strengths.

I am always delighted to stay in touch with many graduates and their families as they move on to college, the workforce, and the military following high school graduation. I know we helped to guide their career readiness and build the foundation for their career that set them on the path to becoming successful, happy adults.

Learn how students started their own business while still in online school and kick-started their future career with career and technical education, or CTE, courses. Read these and other stories of individual students finding happiness and career success after graduating from Connections Academy.

No matter what career you choose, you can live your best life when you are happy doing what you do.

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    In the second part of the Class of 2019 series (check out Part 1), we’ll take a peek at what some of our standout students have done during their school years and what they have planned for the future!

    Nygel W., one of the best young cellists in the U.S., spent his entire K–12 education online with Minnesota Connections Academy. Next up for Nygel, an honors student and 2019 Sphinx winner: the Curtis Institute of Music.

    Colorado Connections Academy gave Jonathan M. the flexibility to play ice hockey competitively and travel for games with the Rocky Mountain Roughriders team. He flashed onto hockey scouts’ radar screens after playing at the USA Hockey Select 16 Festival. He is now committed to playing with the Air Force Falcons men’s ice hockey team, an NCAA Division I college ice hockey program that represents the United States Air Force Academy. In the future, he sees himself flying and being involved with space operations.

    Georgia Connections Academy student Justin C. is graduating and on his way to Ohio State University with a full academic and athletic five-year scholarship. He plans to train for the 2024 Olympics and pursue studies in computer science and physical therapy.

    Legacy M. is graduating from Texas Connections Academy @ Houston and leaving something of a legacy himself. He has been recognized as TCAH’s Outstanding Male of the Graduating Class of 2019. His next step takes him to Baylor University, where he has been awarded the Provost’s Gold Scholarship. Way to go,onor Society.

    In her senior year of high school at Indiana Connections Academy, Ashleigh N. served as president of the National Honors Society, served as vice president of the Student Council, and was a member of the Math Club. She was also awarded a Barbara J. Dreyer Cares Foundation scholarship for $2,500 in honor of the Connections Academy cofounder. Ashleigh will attend Bethel University to study American Sign Language interpreting. This driven student then plans to pursue a doctorate in occupational therapy!

    Student athlete Mickayla S. attends Indiana Connections Academy while training 20–24 hours each week with her gymnastics team and helping to take care of the animals on her family’s farm. After graduating from INCA, she will continue her athletic and academic dreams at Eastern Michigan University. Mickayla will join the gymnastics team and continue her studies. We wish her all the best with her new endeavors!

    Xavier N. graduates from Indiana Connections Academy with a 4.09 GPA and ranked tenth in his class. In addition to his schoolwork, Xavier is involved in 4-H activities including junior leaders and archery, while also taking time to consistently volunteer. Xavier was also awarded a Barbara J. Dreyer Cares Foundation scholarship for $2,500 in honor of the Connections Academy cofounder. Xavier will attend Butler University to study actuarial science. He plans to have a career in risk management.

    Texas Connections Academy @ Houston graduating senior Elydia G.  received a $60,000 scholarship from Howard Payne University. She plans to major in early childhood education. Congratulations and best wishes for continued success!

    Minnesota Connections Academy student Katherine P. enrolled in online school in November 2018 after her family moved from Mississippi. She quickly earned top grades and will finish in the top of her class. Katherine will be one of two high school student speakers at her graduation ceremony. Speaking on behalf of seniors is quite an honor. After taking a gap year, Katherine hopes to start college with an interest in neuropsychology.

    Isabella R., one of two high school student speakers at Minnesota Connections Academy’s (MNCA) graduation ceremony, graduated second in her class at the age of 15! She spent her K–12 years with the program and has greatly appreciated one of the school’s greatest benefits—the ability to work at her own pace. MNCA also provided Isabella the flexibility to train in ballet and perform while taking a full load of honors classes, volunteering, and working on achieving the Girl Scouts Gold Award, which she just received.


    Congratulations to these graduates and all of their peers graduating in 2019! We wish them continued success on their exciting journeys!

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    Not only do online school students graduate, but also they thrive in school and beyond! Our graduates are now moving on from high-school graduation to two- and four-year degree programs, exciting careers, travel, and other exciting journeys. In this Class of 2019 series, we’ll take a peek at what some of our standout students have planned!

    As Jacob M. completes his senior year, he does so with his associate's degree in hand and the honor of being named Ohio Connections Academy's class of 2019 valedictorian. Jacob believes the flexibility of the online program that helped him to obtain his associate's degree from Sinclair Community College has set him up for success as he moves on to the University of Cincinnati’s Lindner College of Business.

    Kalyany S. has been active in gymnastics since she was six years old. She says she loves the feeling of getting as close to flying as possible, and the bars are her specialty. She has been training and competing with Colorado Aerials Gymnastics for her entire gymnastics career. The head gymnastics coach of UCLA saw her in action and offered Kalyany a full-ride scholarship. She will be attending in August and will begin training when the summer session starts. Kalyany enjoyed the flexibility Colorado Connections Academy offered her, as she spends upwards of thirty-three hours a week training.

    With the help of online learning, National Honor Society student Emma G. was able to advance her learning at her own pace. A graduate of New Mexico Connections Academy, Emma is now heading for Arizona State University in the fall, having received a four-year Presidential Scholarship awarded for academic excellence.

    New Mexico Connections Academy graduating senior Grady K. is pursuing his rodeo dreams and is eager to spend the next two years with the National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association. Online public school afforded him a flexible schedule to spend time on the road while still receiving a great high school education.

    Class valedictorian Luke W. forged his own path at Georgia Connections Academy, taking advantage of dual-enrollment courses and studying a wide selection of subjects to follow his multidisciplinary interests. As for next steps, Luke plans on attending Shorter University in Rome, Georgia, where he will double major in history and English. He is also interested in law, archeology, writing, and journalism. More than anything, he wants to find a way to continue shaping his own path in the future by combining as many of his interests as he can.

    Kaelyn V. studied at Alabama Connections Academy, earning scholarships to attend Jacksonville State University (JSU). Kaelyn plans to study general biology and biopsychology.

    Preston S. received several scholarships totaling over $50,000! Next up, the University of West Alabama for academics and music. He will be in the marching band at UWA.

    Lori C. plans on earning her undergraduate degree in biology from Georgia Southern University and then attending vet school. Her long-range plan is to become a veterinarian and open her own veterinary clinic, where she plans to offer innovative practices that make quality care for animals more affordable. She was inducted into Georgia Connections Academy’s Science National Honor Society, National Art Honor Society, National Honor Society, and Beta Club.

    Class of 2019 Alabama Connections Academy valedictorian Amanda B. got a scholarship to the University of Alabama, where she will major in digital forensics!


    Congratulations to these graduates and all of their peers graduating in 2019! We wish them continued success on their exciting journeys!

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