The Ultimate Back-to-School Guide for Virtual School Students

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A new school year marks new courses, different teachers, and a fresh start. Let's make sure you and your student get off to the best start possible. 

From school supplies and organization tips to ideas for easy lunches and soaking up the final days of summer, this ultimate back-to-school guide has everything you need. 

Parent and Learning Coach Preparation

  • Organization Tips for New Online Learning Coaches
    If you're becoming a Learning Coach for the first time this school year, it's easy to look at your student's curriculum, workbooks, school supplies, and other materials and feel overwhelmed. The trick to overcoming this feeling? Organization. Use this handy list of organization tips to fully prepare yourself for the new school year.

  • Advice from Former Learning Coach Newbies
    One of the best ways to prepare for your role as a new Learning Coach is to consider the experiences and insight from others who were once in your shoes. This is especially helpful if you have many questions and/or concerns. Take a look at this compilation of tips and advice from experienced Connections Academy families to help your transition into virtual school. 

  • When to be Involved in Your Child's Online Education and When to Give Them Independence
    It can be challenging to strike the right balance between supporting your child, holding them accountable, and letting them develop their independence in virtual learning. As your child gets older, they’ll need less and less of your support. This article will help you understand how to find the best balance to support your child. 
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Virtual School Prep: Supplies and Organization

  • An Unconventional List of Back-to-School Supplies 
    Who says you have to follow a strict, traditional list of school supplies every year? We don't! Add some excitement to back-to-school supply shopping and keep learning interesting year-round with this unconventional list. From journals that encourage writing and reflection to an artist's portfolio where your student can share work, your child is sure to enjoy one of the items on this list.

  • 10 Resources You Need in Your Back-to-School Toolbox
    To help you at the start of the year and beyond, we created a Back-to-School Toolbox that contains resources, tips, and reminders that can simplify the planning process. There are tips for preparing lessons, home classroom organization ideas, information on computer and Internet safety, and more! You're sure to find something to help you gear up.

  • Home Classroom Organization Must-Dos
    Part of the back-to-school prep involves getting your home classroom in order. This is where your student learns, so it can't be chaotic, unorganized, or overwhelming. This resource provides step-by-step directions on how to create an organized home classroom in a limited space.  

  • Roles, Routines, and Resources for Virtual School
    These three aspects of virtual school are crucial to understand and prepare for as a parent or Learning Coach of a student of a Connections Academy-supported school. Use this helpful section of our website to better prepare yourself to provide the structure and environment that will help your student learn best. 

The Back-to-School Pinterest Board

  • Cool Tools for Online School
    Yes, this board is near and dear to our hearts because it's our own! It was created specifically for online school families like you. In fact, this board was a part of our very first Pin to Prepare contest, which encouraged both new and experienced online school parents to create their own pinboards of resources for getting ready to head back to online school. 

Meal and Snack Prep for Back-to-School

  • 80+ Breakfast Recipes and Ideas
    Have you seen the Connections Academy “Time for Breakfast” Pinterest board? It's loaded with delicious, easy-to-make, healthy breakfast recipes and ideas to help fuel your student's school day. Keep meals from getting stagnant and boring by trying a new recipe every so often, like once a week. 
An online school student studying before going back to school. 

Back-to-School Health and Wellness

  • How Online School Can Help Students with Seasonal Affective Disorder
    Winter isn’t far off, and with the season change can come an increase in depressive symptoms. The colder months can be particularly challenging for learners with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). This resource discusses how SAD may present itself in your learner and what you can do to support them when you begin noticing symptoms. 
  • How to Manage Stress in School at Every Grade Level
    As a parent, you may be feeling the stress associated with returning to learning, but so might your student. If your child gets especially wound up this time of year, this back-to-school guide for managing stress can help. It provides de-stressing strategies and tips parents can implement for children of all ages, plus resources to help get through this especially hectic time of year. 
  • Sleep and Learning: 5 Tips for Students to Get Better RestSleep and Learning: 5 Tips for Students to Get Better Rest
    A quality night’s sleep is vital for success in school. Lack of sleep or poor rest can lead to reduced cognitive and emotional health, which can critically impact your child’s performance in school. This article discusses the importance of good rest, how much children need by age, and ideas for helping your learner get quality sleep. 

We hope this extensive list of resources makes your back-to-school season as worry-free and organized as possible. Be sure to bookmark this back-to-school guide for parents so you can reference it all year long.  

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