Resources for schooling from home for the first time

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Adjusting to online learning? We’re here to be a resource for parents who are new to this. We know juggling work responsibilities alongside raising children was probably not in your plan.

Connections Academy® has helped students make the transition to online school for the past 20 years. That’s why we’ve come up with a step-by-step plan and a list of resources to help you keep your child learning—and help you adjust more easily. 

1. Establish an online learning routine.

If homeschool or online school is new to you, be aware that structuring the day for distance learning is key to helping your student succeed. Learn tips on establishing routines; some examples are below:

2. Set your home up for success.

Not all learning has to happen at a desk—but it’s important to have your home organized and ready for distance learning success. Check out this article on creating organized home classrooms, especially with limited space!

3. Use learning game sites—it’s okay if they’re fun.

If you have an important work meeting, or just need some downtime, keep your child busy by making learning fun. We pulled together eight learning game sites for elementary and middle school students we think they’ll love.

4. Do you have more than one child? No problem.

Having more than one student in online school may sound daunting, but it is possible to make it work. Check out this list of tips from seasoned parents (we call them Learning Coaches) with multiple students in online school. 

5. Create a balance between being a parent and their Learning Coach.

We know you weren’t planning on being a homeschool teacher in 2020, but you’re doing great. Here are some tips on when to wear the parent hat and when to wear the Learning Coach hat.

6. Aim for success!

The most successful online learning students had these eight best practices in common. You and your child can do it too.

7. Watch a webinar.

Don’t have time to read or research right now? Then check out this webinar(opens in a new tab) on best practices for learning online. It has practical tips to help parents like you.

Additional Resources

With so many educational tools and resources offered on the internet, it can be difficult to find the right ones for your unique online school student. From high school math and virtual museum tours, to Spanish help and elementary school activities—we’ve vetted and compiled a list of over 50 additional resources to help supplement your child’s distance learning curriculum.

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