8 Learning Game Sites for Elementary & Middle School Students

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Elementary school student on tablet using free educational game websites.

Learning doesn’t have to stop during school holidays or breaks. Parents of K–12 online school students can make learning extra fun with a little help from these online resources that offer entertaining educational activities. To prevent your elementary school online student from spending too many hours watching TV, get them engaged with some effective educational websites. These sites encourage students to have fun playing games while strengthening their math, reading, writing, and critical thinking skills.

In addition to educational games, your elementary or middle school student can download printable worksheets, coloring pages, and other activities to do off-line. Select one or more of the resources below for some fun online learning while not in school.

1. Grades Pre-K to 3 Reading Games and Activities

Display of the Starfall website

The Starfall website provides free interactive materials and games that help younger studentspractice reading and build their phonemic awareness. The program also emphasizes exploration, play, and positive reinforcement.

2. PBSkids.org Learning Games for Ages 2–8

Image of the PBS website

There are some great learning games for fans of PBS KIDS programming on this site. The “Online Games” section of the PBS website offers not only games but also printable activities, including coloring pages. These resources attract and engage young students because they feature popular PBS characters. You’ll find measurement games, nature games, teamwork games, and more!

3. Math, Reading, and Writing Skills for Grades Pre-K to 6

Display of the ABCya website

ABCya provides over 400 fun and educational games for grades Pre-K through 6. The activities are designed by parents and educators, who understand that children learn better if they’re having fun. ABCya focuses heavily on building math, reading, and writing skills but also covers holiday themes and other topics. All the educational games and apps were approved by certified teachers.

4. Elementary and Middle School Books by Grade Level

One of the best online learning websites for middle school students, FunBrain

Funbrain.com was created for kids in grades Pre-K through 8. Focused on improving math and reading skills, Funbrain recommends books by grade level and features comics and arcades filled with interactive games.

5. Fun Learning Resources for Grades K–8

Light Up Your Brain homepage with fun online educational games for middle schoolers and elementary school students

The brainteaser games and audio stories featured on Light Up Your Brain help students sharpen their problem-solving, reading, color-matching, math, and fine motor skills. For example, your child can test their understanding of colors and patterns in “KubeX” by identifying the odd-colored square amongst others in a grid. There are also downloads to print out to give children a break from screen time.

6. Games, Activities, and Quizzes for K–8

Prongo website homepage with interactive games for middle schoolers and elementary school students

Prongo offers free games, e-cards, jokes, downloads, brainteasers, and links for most major academic subjects. You can also create interactive quizzes for your student using the Quiz Station. Your middle and elementary school online student will also enjoy the clip art, wallpaper, jokes, games, and more!

7. Reference Materials for Grades K–8

Fact Monster website homepage with free educational games for middle schoolers and elementary school students

Fact Monster® combines reference materials, facts, and trivia quizzes on all subjects. From the solar system to the world economy to educational games, Fact Monster has the information kids are looking for, presented in a fun format. Parents, educators, and kids can get homework help and access to an almanac, an encyclopedia, a dictionary, and an atlas.

8. Multiplication Tables and Quizzes for Grades 2–6

Multiplication.com helps students review multiplication tables as well as addition and subtraction facts. Every lesson starts with a fun activity to help students understand each multiplication fact. The site features interactive games, classroom games, and worksheets that can be downloaded.

For more resources or to find out how socialization for virtual school learners isn’t much different than for students in a traditional school, check out one of our many articles on socialization for online students.

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