Back to School Shopping List for Online School

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Whether your children attend traditional school, online school, or homeschool, getting back to school supplies is a fun part of preparing for a new school year 

Celebrate back to school with your school supply box! 

Did you know that for virtual school families enrolled with Connections Academy®texts, learning materials, and other items needed for the online school year may be supplied in a special back to school box that’s delivered straight to their doorstepsSupplies provided vary, depending on your state and the age of your kids. For elementary school students, who receive the most in their school supply shipment, opening the box can be a great way to build excitement for the new school year! 

Even with a back to school shipment, there are still basic school supplies you may want to have handy to help you create a productive home learning environment. 

You probably have many of these general school supplies  in your household. Use this school supply list to take inventory and see what you’ll need to shop for this back to school season 

Some of the basic school supplies you’ll want to gather include: 

  • pens, pencils, erasers, and highlighters 
  • note cards and Post-it® Notes 
  • file folders and pocket folders 
  • notebooks, loose-leaf paper, graph paper 
  • ruler, tape, scissors 
  • three-ring binders 
  • printer, printer paper, and ink cartridges 

Our experienced online school parents also found these organizational supplies helpful: 

  • inexpensive, stackable file racks that you can label for each subject (makes storing and finding materials easy) 
  • a monitor stand that allows the computer keyboard to slide out of the way 
  • whiteboard and erasable markers, magnetic board and decorative magnets, corkboard and pushpins 
  • a large wall or desk calendar for planning and deadline reminders 
  • desk organizer 
  • bookshelves, lidded storage bins or baskets, stackable wooden or plastic storage crates 
  • a sturdy 3-hole punch (so you can keep everything organized in binders) 
  • a USB flash drive to store past assignments and lessons 

As part of your back to school preparations, you’ll also want to make sure your child’s desk space and surrounding area are conducive to learning. Make sure there’s  enough space to spread out with books, papers, and projects. Find or purchase a comfortable chair, preferably one that can be adjusted as your student grows. 

Experienced online school families have figured out what the most beneficial virtual school supplies are through trial and error over the years. These may not be items that are required, but they can help you better utilize learning spaces, file assignments, organize textbooks and school supplies, and create special features that motivate your child to learn.  

Some creative back to school supplies you can buy, collect, or make include: 

  • construction paper, card stock, markers, colored pencils, glitter, and other art supplies 
  • sketch pads and drawing paper 
  • child-safe glue and glue sticks 
  • clear overhead projector sheets and wipe-off markers 
  • old magazines that have lots of pictures (great for art projects) 
  • laminate sheets, so you can protect reference notes or enable your student to practice a worksheet multiple times 
  • fun, novelty items your child enjoys using: decorative erasers; stickers; brightly colored pens, pencils, highlighters, markers, Sharpie® markers, etc. 
  • themed binder with notebook labels 
  • brightly colored or patterned duct tape to cover binders (makes them durable and fun!) 

No matter what kind of learner your online school student is, organization is the key to success. You need to create a learning environment that’s free of distractions, completely accessible, and easy for your child to use. 

Remember that good online school supplies and home classroom decor don’t  have to be expensive. Go to garage sales in your neighborhood to see if you can find gently used shelving and storage bins. These kinds of sales are also great for miscellaneous items you wouldn’t want to pay full price for in the store.  

With a bit of planning and a lot of enthusiasm, you can help get your students excited about going back to school. And remember, your family’s efforts in organization are likely to pay off in helping your kids make a smooth and positive start in online school for the upcoming school year. 

Learn more ways to help kids have a successful start in online learning by visiting Connections Academy’s tips and resources page for families.  

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