20 Technology Trivia Questions for Tech-Savvy Students

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Because they grow up in the era of tablets, smartphones, GPS systems, and self-parking cars, we almost expect our online school students to grasp technology intuitively. In fact, when it comes to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), many kids are more advanced than their parents! But how much does the kid who easily masters the latest operating system update know about the origins of modern technology? 

We’ve put together a fun and educational 20-question technology trivia quiz for you and your budding tech-maven. It includes some questions about historical technological advances and about the computer technology we all rely on today. Some are easy and some are a little tougher to answer. You might even learn something! Encourage your k-12 kids to search online if they can’t come up with an answer; finding an answer on your own is a great way to commit it to memory. It might even inspire them to further explore an interest in STEM


Connections Academy® Technology Trivia Quiz 2021

Here are 20 trivia questions about technology to share with your kids. We start with some general questions and later focus on computer technology. The correct answers are at the end below the questions.  


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Teaching with Technology Trivia Questions

Asking your virtual school student a trivia question or two during their school day is good way to get their attention and help them refocus if you notice them tuning out the day’s lesson. Or you can set aside time for the whole family to take the quiz and make it a game night challenge. 

While your kids are having fun showing off their knowledge of computer technology and other trivia, they’ll also be absorbing new information. Seeing parents join in a spirited trivia competition will reinforce for your student that learning can not only be fun, it should be part of life beyond high school and college.  

Integrating technology trivia for kids into your family activities not only reinforces what your child has learned, but also demonstrates your commitment to education.  


Make STEM Fun During School from Home

Keep school from home fun. While tech trivia questions are a good start, here are some other ideas to incorporate STEM learning from home: 

Looking for more learning activities to keep school from home fun? Whether your child is enrolled in online school, distance learning, or in homeschool, try out these 45 learning activities that can be done from home.  

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