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How does Texas online school work?

Families that wish to educate their children in grades 3–12 at home can enroll in Texas online school to ensure their students receive a complete, Texas-approved education and hit important learning benchmarks.

Students also have Texas-certified teachers, whom they connect to by phone, secure email, and in the online classroom. Teachers grade student work and provide feedback, and also conduct reviews and instruction in regularly scheduled, live class sessions. Families and teachers work together to create an individualized learning plan to help each student reach their highest potential.

With Texas online school, daily lessons are done independently, at the pace that works best for the student, using online curriculum multimedia learning tools, and resources. Parents serve as Learning Coaches, an essential role that supports student learning and helps keep them on schedule and on task.

Schools near me

Is there a Texas online public school near me?


Texas Connections Academy @ Houston is a Texas online public school that students can attend from the safety of home, connecting to lessons, teachers, and classmates using the internet. Online school is available for students in grades 3–12 living anywhere in the state of Texas.

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Families who enroll their students in Texas online public school pay no tuition or fees. They receive a free, world-class Texas public school education, including texts and learning materials.

Although online school and homeschool both occur in a student’s home, they aren’t the same thing. With homeschooling, parents are on their own, and must create or buy curriculum. They do all the lesson plans, teaching, and grading.

With online school in Texas, the state-approved curriculum and lessons are created and delivered online by educators. Parents support the student as Learning Coaches, structuring the daily schedule and keeping them on track. Students work with Texas-certified teachers who instruct, provide feedback on schoolwork, and are available for one-on-one help if needed.

Unlike homeschoolers, graduating seniors earn an official Texas high school diploma, so they don’t need to take the GRE® exam.

Texas Connections Academy is a high-quality online school for grades 3–12 that educates students from home using a Texas-approved curriculum. The school operates as an approved Houston Independent School District (HISD) campus charter and is accredited through HISD.

This Texas-approved education is supported by Connections Academy®, a recognized leader in online learning for 20 years, and Pearson, the world’s learning company.

Texas Connections Academy offers high school students many ways to prepare to achieve their future goals. Students can tailor their online high school program with electives like computer programming, world languages, advanced math and science, and more. They can take honors courses or get a head start on college credits by taking Advanced Placement®* courses.

A robust assortment of career and technical education (CTE) courses are available to assist students in career exploration and training. Licensed school counselors are available to help develop a four-year plan for graduation and to coach students on career planning, college search, college admissions, and financial aid.

Nearly 80 percent of Texas online graduates have plans to attend two- or four-year colleges and universities, including top schools such as Texas A&M University, New York University, the University of Dallas, and Texas Tech University.

* AP® and Advanced Placement® are registered trademarks of the College Board. Used with permission.

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