Lisa Perry

Lisa Perry

Manager of Special Populations

AD, Elementary Education, Ricks College; BS, Elementary Education, Brigham Young University; MA, Special Education, Boise State University; Ed S., Special Education Directorship, School Administration

Lisa Perry is the Manager of Special Populations at Washington Connections Academy. She began teaching at Connections Academy in 2014 and shares her story below:

Why I Became an Educator

"I became an educator because after I took an education course in college I was hooked. I love to help students get that look of wonder on their face when they finally figure something out!

At Washington Connections Academy we strive to create a welcoming community for parents, teachers, and students. I love the welcome calls that I have completed and hear others complete—forming those important relationships for teachers, Learning Coaches, and students.

"I love making a difference for students and helping them understand that disabilities are really different abilities and they just learn differently. "

—  Ms. Perry

The Online Experience at Washington Connections Academy

My favorite part of the job is taking students off the academic unsatisfactory list and seeing them make great academic gains and feel more confident! I also love that we students that didn’t do well in the traditional brick-and-mortar setting to have another opportunity to show what they can do and become successful. 

We have opportunity for students that struggle with social interaction to be successful and offer supported interaction to help them build skills. We do not assume they can do those things by themselves and help with it after they fail.”