Kaylen Ostrom

Kaylen Ostrom

High School Teacher

Kaylen Ostrom is a high school teacher at Washington Connections Academy. She received her bachelor’s in English and a master's in teaching secondary school from Washington State University Vancouver. She began teaching in 2016 and joined Washington Connections Academy in 2018. She shares more about her experience and love for teaching below:

“I decided to become a teacher in my elementary years. My mother is involved in education and has worked for schools all my life, and I decided I enjoyed the lifestyle. What’s more is that I loved being around teachers all the time. I found that I could relate to teachers and other school staff. I also love working with students, and I am passionate about reading and writing, two very necessary skills in English language arts.

What I love about teaching with Washington Connections Academy is the flexibility we are able to offer students. Students dictate their own schedules and choose study times that work best for them. I also love that I am in communication with students all across the state, which is something quite impossible to do in a brick-and-mortar classroom, where you are in a particular district at a particular location.

"What I love about teaching with Washington Connections Academy is the flexibility we are able to offer students."

— Ms. Ostrom

I think Washington Connections Academy prepares students for an excellent future in the workforce or in college or university. Students really learn how to manage their time and how to prioritize lessons and assignments. Students also learn valuable lessons about work and life balance, and how to manage the two consistently in a way that is positive.

Outside of school I am a reader. I love reading books in my spare time. I also cherish time spent with family and friends. I love to go out to restaurants to eat. Occasionally I can be found participating in local community theater. I love acting, singing, and dancing. I also enjoy watching the Food Network.”