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When you enroll your child in Washington Connections Academy, we’ll expand the ways they can learn and help them go further in life.
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Public School

Offering Tuition-Free School Online

We’re bringing public school and online learning together in a way that works for students and their families. Supported by Connections Education LLC, which is accredited by Cognia and available to K–12 grade students all over the state, Washington Connections Academy is a network of public school designed by experts in online education. It’s a great way to learn from home, or anywhere else, without paying tuition.

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Online School Benefits

Why Online School Can Work for You

Your child is unique. They have their own passions, their own dreams, their own way of learning. And their individual needs may be best met through an online school vs. a traditional school setting. At Washington Connections Academy,'s net work of schools, we give all kinds of students the chance to follow their hearts and prepare for the future they desire. Perhaps your child is a musical virtuoso. Or maybe they’re a sensitive thinker who prefers to work alone. A budding athlete? An entrepreneur? Whoever your child is—whoever they want to become—we can open new possibilities for them.

Washington Connections Academy is a great fit for students who want to:

  • Receive one-on-one support tailored to personal strengths and needs
  • Follow a more flexible school day
  • Find a welcoming, inclusive community that celebrates individuality
  • Learn from home and concentrate more thoroughly
  • Enhance or accelerate learning
  • Develop independence, personal responsibility and other life skills
  • Pursue a passion like youth athletics, the arts and more
  • Focus on college prep
  • Gain real-world career and technical skills
  • Find a public school alternative to homeschooling
  • Participate in family traditions and focus on family values
What to Expect

Giving Your Child a Learning Space They’ll Love

With online schooling, your child will have new opportunities to learn and grow. The better prepared your family is for online learning, the more your child can get out of it.

Your Child’s Responsibilities

As an online student, your child’s responsibilities in online learning will include spending part of their day logged in to their online classroom. Younger children spend less time on a screen than older students, but all students engage with dynamic lessons and are expected to complete assignments, quizzes, tests, and class projects by certain deadlines. If your child needs help at any point along the way, they can quickly connect with their teachers or turn to you for guidance and support.

Your Role as Caregiver

Parents and caregivers at Washington Connections Academy serve as their child’s Learning Coach. This is a crucial role in your online learning responsibilities as a parent and Learning Coach of an online student. Being a Learning Coach gives you the chance to be a part of your child’s learning, celebrating their victories and lending a hand when they need extra help. The younger your child, the more you’ll want to be by their side. But no matter your child’s age, their teachers will be readily available to work and collaborate with you. And you’ll have plenty of resources to make sure you—and your child—stay on track for success.

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