The Realities of Screen Time in Online School

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Online school student attending virtual school
An online student at his computer.  

3. Digital Literacy

Digital technology is now so ubiquitous that business experts consider digital literacy to be a foundational skill for anyone who wants to succeed in the years ahead. But digital literacy goes far beyond simply knowing how to use a digital device. True digital literacy is about being able to move smoothly through a digital world. 

Screen time in schools ensures students develop digital literacy. From navigating the school’s online learning environment to conducting research online, to joining virtual clubs and meeting new friends across their screens, students in online schools immerse themselves in a modern, digital environment. 

Best of all, students don’t just become comfortable with digital technologies; they learn to be productive in digital spaces. It’s a skill that will serve them well in their future. And it’s a skill that UNICEF says too few children are gaining. But, for online school students, digital literacy comes with the territory. 

An online school family setting parameters around screen time at school.

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