Student Athlete Melanie Conway Prepares for a Career on the Ice and Beyond!

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Ice skater and Colorado Connections Academy online high school student Melanie Conway is the picture of grit and determination. Skating has empowered Melanie, pushing her to open doors to new opportunities, including choosing online school. As an online school student and athlete, she has achieved academically as well as on the ice, making key decisions along the way to set herself up for success.


This Student Athlete’s Schedule

Melanie started figure skating at 13 years old and soared, mastering techniques and routines in record time. In fact, according to her coach, Melanie excelled in just three years and has progressed faster in her figure skating career than anyone she’s ever seen. Melanie will be competing at a level that could take her to the nationals. Up at 4:15 a.m. and at the rink by 5:30 a.m., she skates five days a week at the Big Bear Ice Arena before hitting the books to do her schoolwork. Some days she skates for multiple sessions and does strength training, running, yoga, and ballet—racking up hours of intense practice for the sport that motivates her to reach for her dreams.


How Online School Gives Student Athletes More Flexibility

With her busy schedule, flexibility is key for Melanie. That’s why Colorado Connections Academy has fit her needs so well for the past several years. She loves the flexibility and the ability to create a block schedule and change it to accommodate her training and competitions. The school makes it easy to catch up on her lessons when she has to focus on skating. Her mother helps her schedule assignments and lessons so she has all the time she needs to live up to her goals as a student athlete.


Online School and Opportunities to Socialize

The rigors of Melanie’s training make having her teachers available by phone or email not only a luxury but a necessity. It’s one of the things she loves about attending online school. She can easily reach out to and communicate with them, which matters when her days are so fully packed.

Some people think online school students don’t have opportunities to socialize, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Melanie meets up with friends and participates in some activities when her schedule allows.


Fulfilled Today and Prepared for the Future

Melanie is passionate about figure skating and also loves working with children. Currently she coaches two days a week, helping with the younger skaters who are learning to stand up on the ice. In addition to her skating classes, she has four private students she coaches, two of whom are starting to compete.

After graduating from online high school, Melanie is considering pursuing a career in sports psychology. As she skates into the future, fully empowered to take charge of her path, we’re excited to see how brightly she will shine in all of her endeavors!

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