How Online School Can Benefit Young Athletes

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Many young students aspire to become professional athletes. But how do they dedicate time to sports and still excel in school? While parents are most likely encouraging and supportive of their child’s dream, it can be much more difficult to balance sports and school when kids begin training seriously for regional or national competitions. At this stage, parents often struggle to help their students achieve both personal and academic goals in a traditional classroom setting.

Students who are actively involved in competitive sports can benefit from a more personalized and flexible learning environment. Learning options like online high school for athletes can help them to better balance athletics with school. That means that they have the opportunity to pursue athletic dreams while getting a well-rounded and rewarding education.

If you are considering a more suitable academic option for your young athlete, below are some of the many ways that they can benefit from online learning!

1. No missed school days.

When participating in online school and sports, there’s no need to miss days or weeks of school! With more scheduling flexibility, online school sports athletes can complete lessons at a time that works best for their busy lifestyle—even if that means early in the morning, late at night, or on the weekends. Many students at Connections Academy®–supported online schools and the online private school Pearson Online Academy tell us that they enjoy having the ability to customize their school schedule around personal interests and goals.

2. More time for training.

Learning in a more flexible environment allows student athletes to keep up with the demands of their training schedule. As long as online students meet their state’s attendance requirements, maintain course assignments, and communicate frequently with their teachers, they can succeed both academically and personally.

3. An opportunity to achieve one’s full academic potential.

Sometimes busy athletes who learn at a brick-and-mortar school aren’t able to achieve their full academic potential. Homeschool and online programs, however, can provide the flexibility and support student athletes need to succeed.

How do you choose the best homeschool program for athletes? At a high-quality online school like Connections Academy, young athletes learn with supportive and caring online teachers who are dedicated to helping them succeed and frequently gauge academic progress. Students also typically have a wide range of courses to choose from, including gifted and talented, AP®*, and honors.

4. Less stress and worry.

Balancing athletics with in-person school may become draining and frustrating, especially for students who strive to excel in both areas. With online learning, students can get the appropriate rest needed between practices and trainings without compromising their education or well-being. Connections Academy students even have the option of watching recorded lessons when they have some downtime. This makes balancing online school and sports easier for students and families.

5. Learn on the go.

Some athletes travel frequently for competitions, performances, or trainings. One of the many great perks of online school is that students can take schoolwork with them and learn from wherever they are—backstage, on the road, or at the airport. All your student athlete needs to participate in online school and sports is a strong Internet connection.

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Online School for Athletes

If you do online school, can you play sports? Absolutely! Learn how these Connections Academy students are reaching athletic and academic success.

Nathan Chen, California Connections Academy

Olympic Gold Medalist Nathen Chen attended Connections Academy where he was able to do Olympic figure skate training while completing his coursework on his time. He credits Connections Academy for helping him learn to be resourceful—a skill he has directly applied in college and on the ice.

Katielyn Miller, Colorado Connections Academy

With Colorado Connnections Acacademy's scheduling flexibility, online high school student Katielyn Miller was able to pursue her professional ice-skating dream. During her time at Connections Academy, she enjoyed being able to complete schoolwork at times that suited her and loved learning with her supportive teachers. Katielyn hopes to join the Disney on Ice tour in the future.

Ivana and Carmen Corley, New Mexico Connections Academy

Sisters Ivana and Carmen Corley received a high-quality education while perfecting their tennis skills. They both liked having the option to customize their school schedule around tennis matches and trainings. Ivana received a tennis scholarship for the University of Oklahoma.

Maura Moody, Iowa Connections Academy

Ballerina and former homeschooler Maura Moody enrolled at Connections Academy to better balance her personal dreams with school. During her time, she enjoyed the frequent contact with teachers through phone calls and emails—and sometimes even in person at her ballet performances!

Adam Kadlec, Pearson Online Academy

Through Pearson Online Academy’s online private school, Adam Kadlec was able to achieve both his hockey and academic goals. He enjoyed having the ability to learn on the go wherever there was an Internet connection. Adam graduated one year early by staying focused and working ahead.

Franz-Peter Jerosch, Maine Connections Academy

Busy figure skater Franz-Peter Jerosch opted for online school at Connections Academy. He is happy that the school provided him the flexibility to train for figure skating competitions so he didn’t fall behind in school. Franz-Peter hopes to compete in the Olympics one day.

Nora Brewer, Ly Bui, and Adeline Kenlin, Iowa Connections Academy

Even though talented gymnasts Nora Brewer, Ly Bui, and Adeline Kenlin keep busy training for the Olympics, they have always made time for their education. Learning online made it easy for them to work toward their dreams and maintain a demanding training schedule while keeping up with school.

By learning online within a supportive, flexible, and personalized environment, students can achieve their athletic dreams while reaping the rewards of a high-quality education.

Learn more about how to choose the best online high school for athletes by finding an accredited school near you.


*AP® and Advanced Placement® are registered trademarks of the College Board. Used with permission

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