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Both Kansas online school and homeschooling are home-based methods of educating children. Aside from that, they’re very different. Parents who decide to embark on traditional homeschooling have full responsibility for creating or buying curriculum, planning lessons, teaching, and grading student work.

With Kansas virtual school, families have different responsibilities, a safety net of support, and all the resources of a public education available to them. Students work with Kansas-certified teachers and learn using a Kansas-approved curriculum. Students also take part in standardized testing to make sure they’re hitting important learning benchmarks.

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Is there a K–12 online school Kansas students can attend?


Kansas Connections Academy is a high-quality K–12 online school Kansas students can attend from home. The school offers a Kansas-approved learning program, including Kansas-certified teachers and curriculum, plus the ability for parents to be involved in their child’s learning.

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Kansas online school is available to families for free. There is no tuition to attend online school, also known as virtual school in Kansas, because it’s part of the public school system. Online school students get an education from home that meets the same high-quality standards as the education their peers in traditional school receive.

Kansas online public school students learn from home, with parents involved as their Learning Coaches. They use the internet to access the Kansas-approved curriculum and lessons on an online platform. Students complete lessons independently at home, at a pace that works best for them, which gives them a more flexible learning schedule.
Students also take part in regularly scheduled remote sessions in the virtual classroom with teachers and classmates. These Kansas-certified teachers have extra training in how to make online learning effective. They give students ongoing feedback on their schoolwork and progress, and are available by phone or email to help families.

Students who reside anywhere in the state can attend Kansas online elementary school. Families appreciate this school option because parents can be involved in the child’s learning and have full access to the texts, curriculum, lessons, and grades. Virtual school also enables a more flexible learning schedule, so families can arrange the school day around a child’s physical needs and personal interests.

Families may choose Kansas online middle school because they’re looking for a safe, supportive learning environment. Others opt for a Kansas online middle school because they aren’t satisfied with their local brick-and-mortar school or wish to give their child a wider range of course offerings. Homeschool parents may switch to Kansas online middle school so their children will have subject matter expert teachers for more advanced math, science, and language classes.

At Kansas Connections Academy, high school students can earn an official Kansas high school diploma, with the ability to take honors and Advanced Placement®* courses. Plus, licensed school counselors can advise them about college application and financial aid. In an online high school, Kansas students can also take career and technical education (CTE) courses to explore job fields and gain workforce knowledge and experience.

At Kansas Connections Academy, students may have a broader range of courses to choose from than at a small brick-and-mortar school. Kansas online high school students earn an official Kansas diploma, yet have a more flexible learning schedule, which may enable them to arrange their school day around sports, personal interests, family responsibilities, or part-time employment.

Kansas residents can choose the kind of school that best fits their students’ needs, and one of those options is Kansas online school. Because students learn from home, connecting to their lessons and teachers online, a Kansas online school can deliver a high-quality education directly to your child anywhere in Kansas where there’s an internet connection.

*Advanced Placement is a registered trademark of the College Board. Used with permission.

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