Middle School Student

Abrar is a middle school student at Kansas Connections Academy. Online schooling has suited Abrar, who now feels less pressure, thanks to his flexible schedule. His brother, Absar, is a high school student who also attends Kansas Connections Academy. Abrar shares his story below:

About Me

I’m passionate about taekwondo and playing my electronic keyboard. Thanks to Kansas Connections Academy’s flexible schedule, I can practice both after I finish my lessons for the day.

I have a virtual book club that my brother and I host. I enjoy role-playing games, board games, and discussing books with my friends, all of which I can do online through Adobe Connect and Zoom. I also like to go to amusement parks, bike, swim, and play badminton with my friends and family.

Abrar playing his electric keyboard

Why I Chose Kansas Connections Academy

I was interested in the independence and flexibility that Kansas Connections Academy allowed us to have, in addition to the curriculum that satisfies state standards. I also liked the friendly personalities of the teachers I was introduced to.

Previously, I attended a private brick-and-mortar school in New Jersey. It was very different from Kansas Connections Academy, and I have a new schedule and lifestyle now. I no longer have to wake up at 6:00 am and drive to school. I can start my day according to my needs and complete my lessons at any time or sequence. I can focus on what I need to, without feeling the pressure to rush. This helps make my day efficient and productive. However, I do miss the in-person interactions with the teachers and classmates.

My Online Middle School Experience

The Connexus® software and the structure of the planner work well for me. The software is intuitive and user friendly. I can easily view, navigate, and complete my lessons without hassle.

I have a friendly relationship with my teachers, and I enjoy spending time with them outside of class in addition to curricular activities, such as LiveLesson® sessions. My favorite subject is social studies because I enjoy learning about past empires and civilizations, especially those from relatively recent eras (1 CE through the present).

Abrar at his desk attending online school

I love Kansas Connections Academy because of my teachers and classmates. The teachers are helpful and supportive, and my classmates are fun to spend time with.

— Abrar