Stuart Beckman

Stuart Beckman

High School Math Teacher

Stuart Beckman is a high school math teacher at Washington Connections Academy (WACA). He began teaching in 2018 and joined WACA in 2019. He attended the University of Washington, attaining a bachelor’s degree in mathematics with a focus in teacher preparation and a minor in education, learning, and societies. He also earned a master’s degree in teaching mathematics from Western Governors University. Mr. Beckman shares more about himself below:

“I love working with students and making a difference in their lives and opening future opportunities through mathematics. Making connections with families and students is one of the things I love most about working at Washington Connections Academy. Online school provides a more relaxed environment where I can connect well with the families.

“Students at Washington Connections Academy have the time to focus on their needs and become stronger for their futures. They also have strong support and teamwork from the teachers and online school community. The flexibility to manage your student’s schedule with your life schedule can be a great option for many of today’s busy families!”

"I love working with students and making a difference in their lives!"

— Mr. Beckman

Mr. Beckman loves the outdoors and spending time with his family and friends! He enjoys mountain biking, rock climbing, and snowboarding in his free time. He also loves cooking (and eating!) delicious foods and reading.