Pam Meserve

Pam Meserve

Middle School Teacher

Pam Meserve is a middle school math teacher at Washington Connections Academy. She has a bachelor of arts degree in education from Eastern Western University. Ms. Meserve began her teaching career in 2002 and joined WACA in 2016. She shares what she enjoys about teaching at Washington Connections Academy below:

"I love the flexibility that Washington Connections Academy gives our families. The ability for the kids to work when they are functioning at their best is great! I also enjoy the one-on-one time that we are able to give students. I like that we get to customize the curriculum—to a certain extent—for the kids that need more personalized learning."

Outside of teaching, Mrs. Meserve enjoys spending time with her family, being outdoors, reading, and fishing.

"I love the flexibility that WACA gives our families.”

— Ms. Meserve