Paiton Larson

Paiton Larson

Middle School Teacher

Paiton Larson is a middle school teacher at Washington Connections Academy. She began teaching in 2018 and joined Washington Connections Academy in 2019. She earned degrees in elementary education and math and a middle level math endorsement from Washington State University. Ms. Larson shares more about her experience below:

“I love math and want kids to love it as much as I do! I want students to realize that math isn’t a subject that they need to dislike, but instead learn to love it!

“I think online school offers a more laid-back environment, and one that allows students and teachers to focus more on learning rather than behavior. At Washington Connections Academy, students have the opportunity to find an environment that best suits them and allows them to gain the skills that they need to be bright and successful in their future. Everyone here is supportive, welcoming, and always willing to help!

"I love math and want kids to love it as much as I do!"

— Ms. Larson

“Give Washington Connections Academy a try! What an awesome thing to have the option to make school work with your personal lives.”

When she is not teaching, Ms. Larson loves camping, boating, and playing volleyball.