Mike Bryant

Mike Bryant

High School Principal

BS, Secondary Education, Northern Arizona University; MEd, Educational Administration, Lewis and Clark College

Mike Bryant is the high school principal at Washington Connections Academy. He joined the school in 2020 and shares his story below:

Why I Became an Educator

"I became an educator because growing up with two deaf parents left gaps in my behavior and academics. At every step in my education, there was at least one teacher who changed my life.

The students at Washington Connections Academy are not scared of the future, and they welcome taking a chance on themselves. My favorite part of the job is building relationships with my students and staff. The number one way to success is through relationships!

"Washington Connections Academy creates a welcoming community with our approach to outreach and transparency. We’re all on the same team to help our students grow—and become our future."

— Mr. Bryant

The Online Experience at Washington Connections Academy

I like to think of online education as the next step for young people to learn. It’s a place where students own their education through rigor and maturity, with the opportunity for parents to be involved seven days a week in their childrens’ education. 

In our setting, learning can occur at a child's individual pace. It also removes all the distractions and that come in an in-person setting. Families are able to be move involved because they clearly see everything students are doing, and their role is essential in the day-to-day learning. 

Self-managed learning is a key component in the success for young adults into adulthood, and Washington Connections Academy lays that foundation for a bright future.”