Dr. Erik Albertine

Dr. Erik Albertine

Instructional Leader

BS, Biology Teaching, University of Utah; MSEd, Instructional Technology, University of Nebraska at Kearney; MEd Educational Leadership, American Public University; Post-Master’s Certificate in Leadership & Accountability, Capella University; Doctorate of Education, Educational Leadership & Management, Capella University

Dr. Erik Albertine is the Instructional Leader at Washington Connections Academy. Dr. Albertine began his career as on online educator as one of the founding teachers of Utah Connections Academy in 2011. At Utah Connections Academy, Dr. Albertine served as a science Master Teacher before moving into the role of Assistant Principal. Dr. Albertine then moved to Pearson Virtual Schools, leading the Substitute Services department from 2017 to 2021 before becoming the Lead Principal of Washington Connections Academy. Dr. Albertine shares his story below:

Why I Became an Educator

"I became an educator because I wanted to help students understand the wonders of the natural world—to learn to think and reason critically in order to solve the problems that we face in this world. I became an administrator because I wanted to be able to positively impact students beyond those in my classroom through supporting teachers, staff, and parents. My personal educational philosophy is “Every Child, Every Day,” and I use that philosophy to make student-centered decisions each day.

At Washington Connections Academy, I love that we get to see our students as individuals, not simply as faces in the classroom. Each of our students come to our school for various reasons, and we get to meet them where they are and help them get from Point A to Point B through an individualized path.

"My favorite part of being an administrator is getting to connect with students and families for positive moments and accomplishments. There are so many more reasons to call home than just discipline issues, and I love celebrating successes with families."

— Dr. Albertine

The Online Experience at Washington Connections Academy

One of the best parts of being at Washington Connections Academy is getting to build connections within our school community. From videos and newsletters to parents, to sharing the exciting things that we’re doing in the classrooms and as a school, to sharing stories on our social media platforms, we want our community to know what’s going on so they can be engaged in our school. We also like to hear feedback from our parents about how they feel things going so that we can continue to make improvements for the benefit of our students. 

I really enjoy the flexibility that our school offers students. Having taught in brick-and-mortar school for seven years before coming to the online environment, I’ve seen that many students have a hard time thriving in the structured environment of a physical classroom and need a more flexible program. I love what we offer at Washington Connections Academy as it allows many students to be much more successful. 

 Another major benefit of online education is the open and communicative relationships we can have with our students and their families. Our teachers talk to students and their families often in LiveLesson® sessions, by phone, through WebMail, and at field trips. 

At Washington Connections Academy, we help prepare students for bright futures through a rigorous, individualized learning path for each student, as well as continuous instructional and social-emotional support. Our students and staff make true connections that help open doors, ensuring students can achieve at high levels.”