Carrie Meadows

Carrie Meadows

Middle School Principal

BS, Biology: Environmental, California State University, Fresno; Masters Educational Best Practices and Single Subject Teaching Credential, National University; Administrative Certificate, Central Washington University.

Carrie Meadows is the middle school principal at Washington Connections Academy. Ms. Meadows started teaching at Connections Academy in 2015 and joined Washington Connections Academy in 2016. She shares her story below:

Why I Became an Educator

"I became an educator because I’ve always loved learning about science and working with animals and ecosystems. I particularly remember my high school biology teacher, Mrs. Gray, inspiring me to understand the organization and patterns in living things. I went into teaching hoping to inspire the same love of science in my students.

I love that I get to work individually with students and their families. As a teacher I was able to give my complete focus to one student at a time and help them learn. It also gave me the opportunity to involve parents in their child's education and to learn more about my students.

"At Washington Connections Academy our focus is on student learning and success, and we want all stakeholders to be part of this journey."

— Ms. Meadows

The Online Experience at Washington Connections Academy

Much of my time is spent calling students that are struggling and their families. I love being able to help them develop action plans for success, start them on steps for implementation, and then follow up later and see the pride they have in their success. 

In our setting, learning can occur at a child's individual pace. It also removes all the distractions and that come in an in-person setting. Families are able to be more involved because they clearly see everything students are doing, and their role is essential in the day-to-day learning. 

It’s important that families are deliberate about incorporating socialization in their student's schedules. In online school, this looks like virtual attendance to LiveLesson® sessions, clubs and field trips. Most local communities have various activities for students as well and I encourage all families to take advantage of them. The flexibility of the schedule allows the time for parents to take their children on outings to the library, park, hikes, museums during the school week as long as they still schedule in time to complete lessons. 

At Washington Connections Academy, students learn how to be independent learners. They have more responsibility for their learning, asking for help, and managing their own schedule—all which set them up for higher education and careers. Additionally, there are many high school electives that students can take to give them a broader view of future career options.”