How Virtual School Makes Every Moment Meaningful

At Washington Connections Academy network of schools, we expand the classroom, bringing every student the kind of learning they need to reach their full potential. See how our virtual classrooms, led by our experienced teachers, work.
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The Heart Behind the Technology

At Washington Connections Academy, online technology is the means to forming powerful connections. In our virtual public school, students experience a classroom that engages them fully and gives them the opportunity to gain new knowledge while building the life skills they’ll need to adapt in an ever-changing world.

  • Interactive web tools designed specifically for Connections Academy students
  • Online lessons that relate to your child on their level and make learning exciting
  • Plenty of ways to quickly connect with teachers
  • Internal webmail specifically for your child
  • Secure message boards where your child can chat with other students and their teachers
  • Additional resources to help guide your child through their learning journey
African American female high school student completing online lesson  - Connections Academy
Pearson Online Classroom

Your Child’s Personal Classroom

Through Pearson Online Classroom (formerly known as Connexus®), your child will experience multi-media lessons, connect with teachers and engage with the wider Washington Connections Academy community. Designed by online learning experts, Pearson Online Classroom is what makes it possible for your child to attend public school from home or anywhere else. Take a look at all it can do.

Guiding Students Home Base

Pearson Online Classroom gives students everything they need to move through their school day. This includes:

  • Webmail, message boards and school announcements for easy communication with teachers and staff
  • A student planner that lays out the day’s and week’s lessons
  • Links to lessons, assignments and assessments
  • Direct access to weekly LiveLesson® sessions
  • Links to student gradebook, school directory, virtual library and additional resources

Empowering Parents

As your child’s Learning Coach, you will have your own access to Pearson Online Classroom where you’ll find the tools and resources you need to help your child thrive. These include:

  • A personal planner to help you schedule your child’s day
  • Webmail and message boards so you can stay in touch with teachers and staff
  • Course information to keep you informed on what your child is learning
  • Alerts and to-do lists to help you stay on track
  • Reports on your child’s attendance, progress, grades and more

Connecting Teachers

Through Pearson Online Classroom, our teachers and staff can stay in touch with you and provide assistance whenever you or your child needs guidance. This includes:

  • Communicating through webmail and message boards
  • Conducting LiveLesson® sessions
  • Posting advice, tips and other resources
  • Providing counseling and other services
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