Family Support Programs

After carefully researching the factors that contribute to success in virtual schooling, Connections Academy developed a three-part family support program. This unique foundation of support sets Connections Academy apart—and helps make the learning experience more engaging and rewarding for students and families:

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Get Started!

A robust onboarding program that helps new families begin virtual school strong:

  • Orientation courses for both students and parents.
  • Learning Coach Central—a website for Learning Coaches that has a “Getting Started” section with helpful resources for newly enrolled Learning Coaches.
  • Learning Coach Success Series Onboarding Sessions—online sessions created specifically for new Learning Coaches. Presenters—most often experienced Connections Academy parents—share their insights, explain key information for new Learning Coaches, and give pointers. There’s plenty of time for questions.
  • Welcome phone calls from teachers.
  • Summer Connections—a fun opportunity for newly enrolled students to take part in Connections Academy’s virtual summer program before the school year begins.
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Get Coaching!

An area where new Learning Coaches can learn more about their roles and responsibilities:

  • Learning Coach Central—not only is this website ideal for new families, but also there are multiple resources available to support experienced Learning Coaches as they guide their students to success
  • Learning Coach Success Series—beyond the onboarding sessions, there are numerous live online sessions throughout the year that help parents and caretakers become successful Learning Coaches and engage with other Learning Coaches
  • Learning Coach Link—a monthly newsletter with tips and tricks for Learning Coaches and with information about upcoming events and Learning Coach sessions
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Get Connected!

Discover opportunities to connect with other Connections Academy families and interact with those who live nearby:

  • Field trips
  • Events at state testing venues
  • An improved school directory that allows local families to find each other
  • Private Facebook groups so local families can safely interact and plan events in their area
  • Online yearbook

A Helpful Connection

One of the first connections you will make is to your family connections coordinator. Shortly after you express interest in Washington Connections Academy, he or she will contact you to get to know your family and to answer any questions you might have about the school. Your family connections coordinator can also assist you in completing the enrollment process.

Like a supportive friend, your family connections coordinator sticks with you until graduation! He or she will stay in touch to help you and your student make a strong start in online school. While you will contact your child’s teacher for help with lessons, you can call your family connections coordinator for assistance with administrative or other school matters. This gives your child’s teacher more time to work directly with students.

To contact your family connections coordinator, call 844-227-0920 from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. PDT.

Meet the Family Connections Coordinators