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Middle School Online in Washington State

Middle school at Washington Connections Academy can lead to meaningful and exciting experiences for your child. Middle school online classes help students to become more independent and responsible. Our online courses provide students all across Washington State opportunities to explore new passions and prepare for their future. Your student’s development is our greatest priority. Our middle school online classes are designed to provide students with many opportunities to achieve academic success and reach their personal potential.

Parents (or other trusted adults) have the opportunity to be involved in the student’s education as Learning Coaches. Learning Coaches may support students by providing encouragement, reminders, and structure to help keep them on track. They also communicate with teachers and may prompt students to contact teachers for assistance.

Middle school students benefit from having the structure they need to thrive but also the flexibility to help them become more independent. We encourage students to take the lead in their studies and have high expectations for their learning achievements in order to help them prepare them for high school.

Online Course Electives and Activities

We offer students a vast range of options for electives and other academic activities. The range of courses allows students to explore new subjects and develop new passions. We also offer school clubs and activities that allow students to interact with each other and build meaningful relationships as they share common interests. These activities are academically enriching and include clubs such as Mathematical Olympiads and writing for the school online newspaper.

Additionally, we offer gifted students opportunities to work at their own pace and achieve their full potential. Qualifying students may have access to higher-grade-level classes including high-school-level courses. With their academic counselor’s approval, they can start earning high school credit early.

Support for Online Middle School Students

Our middle school students have access to caring, certified teachers who are experts in their subject matter, as well as access to support from a guidance counselor or advisory teacher. Additionally, students can participate in teacher-led virtual lectures and review sessions using our LiveLesson® tool. This same virtual tool also allows students to communicate and work with their peers. At Washington Connections Academy, we are dedicated to supporting your students and providing them with all the tools they need to obtain a meaningful, relevant education that prepares them for a bright future.

Middle School Curriculum Content


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