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Online Second Grade Curriculum in Washington State

Washington Connections Academy provides a complete second grade online curriculum as part of our online elementary school program. For greater success in all subjects, we focus strongly on critical thinking to boost student comprehension.

Upon completing the second grade online classes, students will have learned many valuable skills that form a foundation for future academic growth. They will understand concepts such as taking measurements, using technology to solve problems, using maps, and identifying the different states of matter. They will also have opportunities for growth in art and physical education, as well as elective options.

For more information about the courses included in the second grade online school curriculum in Washington State, and to view specific course descriptions, select an option from the list below.

Discover what makes Washington Connections Academy’s second grade online elementary school curriculum a great alternative to homeschool and traditional K–12 public school by looking over our sample lessons.

The courses and materials provided vary by school. Some textbooks are available in online format only.

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