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Washington Virtual First Grade Curriculum

The first grade curriculum is designed to boost key skills and build upon the basics learned in kindergarten. At Washington Connections Academy, your child’s development is top priority, and our curriculum ensures that he or she has all the tools needed to build a solid educational foundation.

Our first grade curriculum focuses on building reading fluency, learning addition and subtraction, experimenting with geometric shapes, and exploring the natural world. The flexibility online school provides allows students to work at the pace that works best and gives them room to master each topic as they go. Unlike at some traditional brick-and-mortar schools, Washington Connections Academy’s approach is geared toward focusing on each student’s personal needs and customizing the program to optimize academic progress.

Many first grade educational materials are provided in printed format, and as students advance through each grade, more online content is introduced. Some texts are only available in online format, but we make them easy to use and manageable for children.

First grade in virtual school can be stimulating for your child—and rewarding for the whole family. See for yourself why our online first grade program is a good alternative to traditional public school and homeschool curriculums. If you’d like to take a look at our available online classes, simply scroll down to the list of core courses below. You can click on any course to see a detailed course description. Check out some online sample lessons to explore how online school works.

Some textbooks are available in online format only.

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