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Virtual Academy in Washington

If you live in the state of Washington and are looking for an alternative to the traditional classroom setting, consider Washington Connections Academy. Using a high-quality curriculum developed by a team of professionals at Connections Academy, Washington Connections Academy is a tuition-free online school that brings a flexible, individualized education directly to your home or wherever an internet connection is available.

Washington Connections Academy is authorized by the Mary M. Knight School District, which has contracted with Connections Academy to provide coursework and services for students in grades K–12.

The Virtual School Experience

The staff of Washington Connections Academy is dedicated to providing a superb educational experience that will help each student grow and learn. The journey to adulthood is not the same for each child, and no two children learn in exactly the same way. We strive to identify individual strengths and help make the most of those strong skills while also providing the support needed in areas in which a student may struggle.

We use a combination of powerful assets to provide this successful approach.

Online Education, Outstanding Curriculum

Enrollment in Washington Connections Academy is available to students who live in Washington State for absolutely no tuition charges. There are no materials fees, and learning materials are provided and delivered to the home.

The curriculum has been carefully developed by the experts at Connections Academy to ensure that courses meet all state and national standards while maintaining a fresh and vibrant online school experience that engages students in learning.

Who Teaches at Online Public School?

Washington Connections Academy attracts creative teachers who care about their students and believe in the power of providing personalized attention to each one. Teachers receive ongoing professional development and training to ensure they excel in supporting and instructing students in the online virtual school setting.

The Personalized Performance Learning® approach perfected by Connections Academy acknowledges the uniqueness of each student and makes it possible for Washington Connections Academy teachers to customize their teaching style or lessons to accommodate a child’s special talents or identified needs.

Parent-Supported Online Learning

At Washington Connections Academy, we understand that families play an important part in ensuring that students enjoy a successful and rewarding educational experience. Washington Connections Academy invites parents and other family members to become as involved as possible by serving as Learning Coaches, a vital and fulfilling role that significantly contributes to your child’s ultimate achievements.

Easy-to-Use Technology

Just as each child’s skills differ, the optimal setting for learning is different from student to student. The Connexus® system provided through Connections Academy is used by Washington Connections Academy to organize and deliver lessons and education tools wherever an internet connection is available. This easy-to-use system allows parents easy access to curriculum, lessons, grades, and teachers, while also making possible a more flexible daily schedule.

Socialization, Community, and Friendships

While an online school may provide the quiet setting that some students need to thrive, Washington Connections Academy staff understand that socialization is still important. Students in our virtual public school will complete their individual lessons but will also regularly participate in online LiveLesson sessions. During these class meetings, students and teachers get to know each other as they discuss lessons, ask questions, and share ideas.

The learning experience through Washington Connections Academy is not confined to a monitor and an internet connection. Washington Connections Academy organizes a number of in-person gatherings, activities, and field trips during which students (and their families) can develop and strengthen friendships. Students can connect while sharing common interests by joining Washington Connections Academy’s online activities and various clubs.

Jenn Francis

Meet the School Leader

Jenn Francis

"I am passionate about online learning because it is such a wonderful and powerful way for our students to learn, develop essential life skills, and bond with their teachers."

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Suzette Fernandez

Meet the Assistant Principal
Elementary (Grades K-5)

Suzette Fernandez

“I want to empower students with the knowledge that they can accomplish anything. " 

Carrie Meadows

Meet the Assistant Principal
Middle School (Grades 6-8)

Carrie Meadows

“Connections Academy gives families a chance to help their children develop a strong foundation for their future - I love being a part of that for our students in Washington State!" 

Nichole McCauley

Meet the Assistant Principal
High School (Grades 9-12)

Nichole McCauley

"Our High School students are provided a personalized approach to their education based on their interests including sports management, game design, criminal investigation and more. We provide a robust course catalog with over 150 courses where students can take foundations level to advanced placement courses."