Ashlyn Christianson

High School

Ashlyn Christianson is a high school student at Tennessee Connections Academy (TNCA). Having previously attended a brick-and-mortar school, Ashlyn enjoys the flexibility and the opportunities our school provides, such as working at her own pace and receiving one-on-one help when she needs it. Learn more about her story below:

“At Tennessee Connections Academy, the flexibility from the teachers has worked out great for me. They have office hours, but if you can’t make it or need help right away, they are willing to make time. Teachers at Tennessee Connections Academy try to get to know their students. I know I can go to them for anything, whether school related or not. My teachers pretty much know me, and I attend all the classes I can, and chat with them and get to know them as well.

“My favorite subjects are economics, English, precalculus, and physics. I think the reason these are my favorite classes is that the teachers make it fun. I’m also a huge nerd when it comes to science, and I like the challenge of math.”

The flexibility at Tennessee Connections Academy gives me more time to focus on preparing for what I plan on doing after I graduate.

— Ashlyn

Outside of school, Ashlyn loves being outdoors, fishing, and making trips to the beach with her family. One of her passions is animals. She says, “My mom and I are going to start volunteering at the animal shelter that is close to us. Since sixth grade, all the jobs I have been interested in have included animals: vet tech, vet, marine biologist, zoologist. My aunt and uncle have a few horses and every time we go out there, I’m always with the horses.”

Ashlyn’s plans after graduating high school include joining the Navy and then studying marine biology at Florida State University so she can pursue a career as a marine biologist.

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