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Learning Coach

Regina is the mother and Learning Coach of Charly, an elementary school student at Tennessee Connections Academy. The school appealed to Regina because it enables her daughter to get one-on-one attention from her teachers. Also, because Tennessee Connections Academy gives Regina the chance to bond with Charly while watching her learn and get excited over new experiences. Hear more about Regina’s experience as a Learning Coach below.

Our Online School Experience

Attending Tennessee Connections Academy has made me feel at ease because I know my child is in a safe environment and that I am there when she needs me. Thanks to Connections Academy, I was with Charly the first time she read a book and got to see her facial expressions and excitement. I was there to share all of that with her.

I think our favorite subject, the one we love doing together, is art. When Charly has an art project, we listen to music as we are working, and we talk and laugh. It has been wonderful, especially when I bought her a small pottery wheel. It was a mess, but man it was fun!

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Learning New Ways to Help My Child Learn

I’ve learned so many things from the teachers at Tennessee Connections Academy, including new ways to help my child learn. When Charly first started Connections Academy in kindergarten, she was so scared to be in front of a camera in the LiveLesson® sessions, but her teacher worked with her individually until she felt comfortable enough. Now she loves seeing the teacher and the other students in these sessions. Our first-grade teacher always made Charly feel so special, and we had so much fun in the LiveLesson® sessions.

Charly loves the outdoors. With the freedom of Tennessee Connections Academy, we’re able to be outside much more and enjoy fun activities, such as doing science experiments. She also enjoys playing on the iPad and has recently shown a lot of interest in coding. Tennessee Connections Academy is now offering coding classes, so we plan to jump in on their next project!

If You Are Considering Becoming a Learning Coach

I feel like with a virtual school a child has more room to grow and learn. Tennessee Connections Academy offers so many clubs for so many interests. And if we’re learning something that’s in a museum close by, we can just take off and go, or have a day of learning in the park. The possibilities are endless with virtual school.

If you’re considering becoming a Learning Coach for your child at Connections Academy, it’s the best decision you’ll ever make for your child’s education. This school allows you to be involved every step of the way and there’s no need to worry about being overwhelmed. Connections Academy has some of the best teachers I’ve ever met and every one of them is dedicated to helping your child learn and grow. Connections Academy was the best decision I’ve ever made for my child’s future.

I’ve learned so many things from the teachers at Connections Academy, including new ways to help my child learn.

— Regina