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Jenna Pinkston

Middle School

Jenna Pinkston is a middle school student at Tennessee Connections Academy. She attends our school along with her three siblings, Savannah, Brianna, and Mollie. Since enrolling, Jenna has enjoyed the organization and schedule that Tennessee Connections Academy provides. She shares her story below:

“I love Tennessee Connections Academy because you can communicate with your teachers very well, and it gives what I think to be a better education with less wasted time than most schools. I also like that you can always see your grades and know what you need to work harder on or make corrections to.

“My favorite subjects are art and math. I love doing art, and math gives me a little challenge sometimes. I also love running, swimming, animals, and spending time with my family. I can socialize with friends because we swim in the summer a lot, when there is no school. I do cross-country in the fall and have time to run after I finish school for the day. I enjoy sleepovers and outdoor activities with my friends. I stay in touch with them through my tech, and I am able to keep in contact regularly with my best friend.”

I have a good relationship with my teachers; I am not afraid to ask questions or communicate with them.

— Jenna