Gwyneth Smith

Gwyneth Smith

High School

Gwyneth Smith is a high school student. Tennessee Connections Academy interested Gwyneth because it gave her an option of a flexible public education in a school accredited by the state of Tennessee. She shares her story below:

"Tennessee Connections Academy works well for me because I am able to have a larger focus on ballet while getting an excellent education. Some of my favorite subjects are math, because it challenges and strengthens my mind, and science, because I get to learn about the world around me. All of my teachers are absolutely amazing. They make learning so much fun, and I love attending LiveLesson® sessions to be able to interact with them! 

The biggest thing I’m passionate about is ballet. Connections Academy® allows me to have a flexible schedule so I can make time to focus on it. I stay in touch with my ballet friends by going to ballet every day and seeing them. With my school friends, every now and then we meet up at the mall or at one of our houses."

I love Connections Academy because of the constant support that is given to the students by all of the staff every day!

— Gwyneth

Gwyneth Smith performing ballet.