When Is It a Good Idea to Switch Schools Midyear?

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There are many cases when it’s a good idea for your child to transfer schools, whether it’s a safety concern, health concern, or trouble meeting their learning needs. But can you switch schools in the middle of the year? 

If you’re considering transferring schools mid-year, it’s important to understand the common reasons your family may make this decision to determine if making a switch is the right fit. Consider the following five reasons to switch schools: 

1. Not making progress at school.

If your child’s needs aren’t being met in school--academically, socially, or emotionally--your first action can be to work with the school to adjust your learner’s experience. Unfortunately, some schools may not offer the wide range of classes, extracurriculars, or peer groups needed to help your child grow. 

If that’s the case, the school may not be a good fit. By transferring schools mid-year and trying a new learning environment, you’re offering your student a chance to develop and reach goals you may not have thought were previously possible. 

Changing their learning environment could go a long way toward providing the type of motivation and fresh start needed to get back to enjoying and looking forward to learning. A change of setting can bring a new perspective that fosters the independence and focus needed to move on to college or career success. 

2. Needing a new, safe learning environment.

Your child’s physical safety and mental well-being is critical and can affect academic performance. If your child is being bullied, your first sign that something is wrong could be seeing lower grades on your child’s report card, or something worse. You might also notice a significant change in your student’s attitude about school.  

Many warning signs of bullying could signal this is happening to your child. By changing schools mid-year, you can give your child the peace of mind to concentrate on their education, instead of conflicts with peers. A new school can also open new opportunities for healthy friendships and emotional development in a safe, virtual learning environment. 

3. Wanting a more flexible schedule.

Many aspiring athletes, musicians, and actors are also talented students, and their potential to achieve success may be hampered by the restrictions of being at a desk in a classroom all day. 

Students who have complex medical conditions or illnesses that require scheduling flexibility may also find switching schools mid-year beneficial. Virtual learning with Pearson Connections Academy makes it possible to complete schoolwork, even with an inconsistent schedule. If your student has health concerns, they can attend medical appointments and either bring schoolwork along or complete it later at home if they attend a virtual school instead of a traditional brick-and-mortar one. 

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4. Looking for more parental participation.

Have you wanted to be more hands-on and involved with your child’s education? Would you like to have more transparency about what your child is learning, make sure the concepts are really sinking in, and know whether your student is progressing? 

While schools typically allow parents to volunteer on field trips, arrange class parties, or read to younger students, parents might want to participate more in the academic area of their child’s education.  

Needing to relocate.

If your family has to move mid-year, then of course you’ll need to switch schools. Military families often find themselves needing to move on short notice, which impacts many students. That’s where online school can help. A virtual school can give students a safe, consistent learning experience that can go wherever the relocation takes them. 

Connections Academy® can meet the varying needs of your family, whether you require a more flexible schedule, adaptable education opportunities, or the ability to learn from anywhere. Depending on why you’re considering switching schools mid-year, virtual learning may be right for your family. 

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