Top 5 Reasons to Finish High School Online

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Earning a high school diploma is a critical step to a successful future, but not every student has the time, ability, or desire to attend an in-person school. Fortunately, online high schools offer a great way forward. You can even finish high school online for free thanks to the availability of online public schools. Here are the top five benefits to transferring to an online school sooner rather than later in your high school experience. 

1. You’ll Have Increased Flexibility

While accredited online high schools meet a state’s requirements for a diploma, they don’t lock students into a set schedule like in-person high schools do. Instead, online schools typically offer you the chance to arrange your day in a way that fits your life and obligations. 

The flexibility of online high school is a significant advantage to any student involved in sports, the arts, entrepreneurship, or other pursuits that require daily time commitments and/or travel. But even students with fewer extracurricular commitments can benefit from the kind of flexible schedules online schools make possible

With a more flexible schedule, you can complete coursework in the order that makes the most sense for you. You can carve out time for your family or medical appointments. And you can even make time to take up new hobbies or focus on college applications. No matter what kind of student you are, having more flexibility in high school can help you achieve greater success.  

2. You Can Focus on Your Passions

In addition to having the flexibility to pursue extracurriculars, attending an online high school can give you more opportunities to study the subjects you’re most passionate about. In many cases, online curriculums are more expansive than what’s offered at in-person high schools, allowing you to choose from a wide range of courses focused on topics like career-prep, the arts, world languages, college prep, and beyond. Plus, because online high school is self-directed, you have more freedom to steer your studies toward your interests

This level of freedom helps make high school more exciting while also helping you develop life skills like personal responsibility and perseverance. High school is a time for exploring who you will be and preparing for who you wish to become. Online high school gives you the opportunity to do both. 

3. You’ll Find a Safe and Inclusive Space

Online school gives students a learning space they can better control. This can be particularly helpful to immunocompromised students who want to avoid communicable diseases as well as to students who require frequent doctors' appointments or at-home care. But it’s not just students with medical concerns who can benefit from the nature of online high school. Many other kinds of students can also enjoy a more secure learning experience. 

When you choose to finish your high school diploma online, you’ll be choosing an environment that prioritizes learning and celebrates differences. Instead of the distractions that make in-person high school a struggle for some students, you’ll find the space to focus on your studies and be who you truly are. Not only can this help you succeed in class, it can help you gain the confidence and independence you’ll need to succeed in the world ahead. 

4. You’ll Enjoy a Collaborative Environment

There are many different ways to learn. At an online high school, you’ll have a team to help ensure you’re getting exactly what you need to learn in whatever way works best for you. 

While completing your courses, you can reach out to your teacher, a counselor, and your learning coach, which is typically a parent or guardian. Together, you and your team can focus on the areas where you need the most help, ensuring you have the support to overcome challenging courses and topics. 

Your team will also collaborate with you on your school experience, helping you plan a  daily schedule, set your overall curriculum, and develop the skills you need to succeed in online high school. Thanks to the modern technology and online-centric learning techniques used by online schools, collaborating with your team is as easy as it is beneficial. 

5. You’ll Have an Opportunity to Graduate Early

Can you finish high school early online? The answer is yes. And that has a lot to do with all the previously mentioned advantages of online school. 

Thanks to flexible schedules, the ability to tailor your curriculum, and a supportive environment, online high school makes it possible for you to get ahead in your studies and complete the credits you need for graduation faster than the typical four years. 

Of course, to finish high school online early, you have to be committed to your studies and ready to use every resource that’s available to you. This makes it important to pick an online high school that offers all the support you’ll need to thrive. 

The good news is, once you find the right online school for you, transferring from your current school is easier than you might think. To learn more, check out our article on why it’s not too late to transfer to an online school

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