Why Families Are Thankful for Virtual School

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The end of the year is a great time to reflect on and give thanks for all the positive things in your life. Here at Connections Academy® online schools, we are thankful for being able to provide students with a high-quality customized education—right from their homes. But most importantly, we are grateful for unique students and devoted Learning Coaches!

To celebrate the spirit of thankfulness, we asked Connections Academy families why they are thankful for online learning. Here’s what they told us—and a few ways that virtual school can help your child succeed.

Thankful for Online School

“I watched her just bloom…”Watch to find out why Connections Academy families are thankful for online school!

Watch this video to learn more about why Connections Academy families are thankful for online school!

Understanding the Role of Online School Teachers

Even though virtual school students learn from home, they still receive lessons from certified teachers who are dedicated to helping them reach their full potential. Online teachers are often able to give students more individual attention and support than they’d receive in a physical classroom, so they develop personal relationships with them as a result. Students can even meet their teachers face-to-face at local field trips and other school events!

“We are grateful to the wonderful teachers and this amazing school. They have given my kids back their love of learning. They help them when they are struggling. They take the time to educate my kids. Bless you! We appreciate and are most grateful for these amazing teachers!” —Britt Watt, Michigan Connections Academy

Why Are Families Thankful for Online Scheduling Flexibility?

“I’m ‘flipping’ for Connections Academy! I’m thankful for Connections Academy because I get to have a lunch date with my papa! I also can choose when and where to do my lessons. I can go on fun outings with my mom, like hiking. Connections Academy is so much more flexible than my old school!” —America Blackketter, Arizona Connections Academy

With an online education, students can tailor their school schedule to accommodate personal needs and interests. This means that they may have more time for things such as sports, family events, and special hobbies—and they simultaneously learn the importance of managing their time well. By following a personalized schedule, online students are also able to work at a pace that suits their learning style.

“My two children, a fifth grader and a seventh grader, love Connections Academy. The flexibility is perfect. They love not being restricted by a roomful of classmates, and they can work at their own pace, slower or faster. They have great social skills in learning to socialize with a whole variety of people, not just ones in their own age group. Thank you, Connections Academy!” —Allison Falkey, Wisconsin Connections Academy

A Challenging and Engaging Online Curriculum

“My son is a twice-exceptional student and couldn’t get into any gifted classes because of his organization issues. [In his previous school,] he was bored out of his mind and wasn’t being challenged. With Connections Academy, not only is he challenged, but also he can get into advanced classes and work at his own pace.” —Sarah Pendland, Iowa Connections Academy

Online students work with an interactive curriculum that is appropriate for their academic level and abilities. They often have a wider variety of course choices as well. For example, Connections Academy offers gifted and talented courses, as well as AP and Honors courses, for students who are looking for more challenging schoolwork and the opportunity to advance. With the help of multimedia tools and resources, and with real-time online classrooms, students tend to engage more with the course material and cultivate a passion for learning.

“Since switching to South Carolina Connections Academy (SCCA) this year, my daughter has gained a love for learning that she did not have last year in a bricks-and-mortar school. We went from daily tears, frustrations, and no confidence to smiles, happiness, and straight As! She loves to sit and learn and is so proud of herself, as am I. I never hear ‘I can’t’ or ‘I’m stupid’ anymore. I hear ‘I can’ and ‘I will.’ She has made leaps and bounds, and I am so thankful to SCCA for giving my daughter the ability to shine so bright and actually look forward to school every day.” —Iris Esposito, South Carolina Connections Academy

Parental Involvement and Appreciation

When students learn from home, parents are able to get a front row seat to their academic journey every day! At Connections Academy, a parent can take on the role of a Learning Coach, which means he or she guides the student each school day and monitors assignments and progress. It can be incredibly rewarding for parents to witness academic benchmarks and growth in person, rather than hearing about it afterward.

“My daughter was having a very difficult time in traditional school with bullying. Now that she is a student of Connections Academy, she is thriving in her learning environment. I love that I get to work with her every day and learn right along with her. I can now contribute to her education and can feel like I’m a big part of it. I love the time we spend together each day working through her assignments.” —Shari McLaughlin, Maine Connections Academy

Words of Appreciation for All Online Learning Levels

“My first grader is excelling at Connections Academy! They even caught a learning disability early and are working with him to successfully complete schoolwork. I am looking forward to enrolling my younger children as they become of school age.” —Joanna Milich, Ohio Connections Academy

By working more closely with students in an online environment, teachers can customize the course material to fit the student’s academic strengths and weaknesses after a thorough evaluation. Online teachers are also available for extra help and practice when needed. Connections Academy is committed to helping all students succeed, including students who have an Individualized Education Program (IEP).

“My daughter, Kristian, has autism spectrum disorder and ADHD. She has never liked school since K4, and she struggled with all aspects of her educational experience. The typical classroom was so overwhelming for her. I enrolled her in third grade in South Carolina Connections Academy with a lot of hesitancy. However, she is simply thriving. She loves her teachers and the LiveLesson® sessions, and really responds to how the lessons are presented. I’m simply amazed and excited for her. She is like a different person since starting, and she can now say that she does love school.” —Lisa Blackstone, South Carolina Connections Academy

To learn how you can be more involved in your children’s education and enjoy the rewards of helping them succeed, visit the website for Connections Academy online public school. Or to learn about online private school, visit Pearson Online Academy’s website.

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