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Understanding math is critical not only for school, but also for employment, business, and personal finance. But If you’re new to online school, homeschool, or distance learning—or if math makes you break out in a sweat—you’ve probably had questions about supporting your child in this important subject. But don’t stress out! You’re not alone—we can help. 

Our math resource list for parents was developed by subject matter experts. You’re sure to find some good advice for encouraging your student’s mathematical abilities!

Math Support

Math Strategies
This document provides you with some actions you can take as you support your student.

Family Math Activities

  • Palindromes
    This is a Family Math activity about palindromes.
  • Geometric Numbers
    This is a Family Math activity about geometric numbers.
  • Magic Squares
    This is a Family Math activity about magic squares.
  • Games Build Math Master Minds
    This is a Family Math activity with challenging games requiring more logic and strategy.
  • Powerful Pennies
    This is a Family Math activity using different options to determine which way will show the greatest increase in pennies.
  • All About Apples
    This activity explores the symmetry, patterns, some fun statistics, and surprising facts about this popular, delicious fruit.
  • We Gather Together
    These activities explore some unusual math terms and seating arrangements to be completed together as you gather around the table.
  • Wrapping Up the Year
    These activities explore some mathematical patterns, tips, and tricks about "wrapping up".
  • Winter Wonderland
    These activities explore the geometry of snowflakes and some amazing record-breaking winter statistics.
  • Bits and Bytes
    These activities explore computer language and coding.
  • A Slice of Pi
    Explore the mathematical importance of Pi and learn some of the many places where you can find Pi in everyday life.
  • Numbrix
    Introducing Numbrix, a game to see who can complete Numbrix grids the fastest. If you can count, you can play Numbrix!
  • Summer Math Sleuth
    Find as many math connections as possible this summer! Look for numbers, shapes, patterns, logic, and problem-solving opportunities.
  • Math Mind Reader
    Amaze family and friends by being able to reveal numbers they have in mind.
  • Fun With Infinity
    Explore shapes through topology. One little twist in a piece of paper leads to some surprising discoveries.
  • Let the Math Games Begin!
    November 1 marked the start of the 100-day countdown to the 2018 Winter Olympics. There’s no need to wait! There are plenty of math games to play now!
  • Adventures with Numbers and Words
    This month’s Family Math Activity explores the linguistics of math and the English words behind the numbers. You will discover some puzzling facts and some surprising patterns!
  • It's Just a Matter of Time
    This month’s Family Math Activity explores the math behind the way time is divided into years, months, and days.
  • The Domino Effect
    This month’s Family Math Activity explores one of the greatest strategy games of all time-dominoes!
  • Math Unplugged
    This month’s Family Math Activity explores various methods for computation without using a digital device.
  • Famous Number Phrases
    In this month’s Family Math Activity challenge yourself to identify famous number phrases.
  • Find the Math Superhero In You!
    In this month’s Family Math Activity celebrate your accomplishments and share strategies for continuing to exercise your mathematical muscles.

To discover more ways to enhance your child’s learning from home, explore our family resource page.


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