3 Routines to Help Kids Cope with Stress

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2. Create a “disconnect from school” routine.

Especially if your student is enrolled in online or virtual school, it’s a great idea to come up with a “disconnect” routine that helps to switch their brainpower and energy away from school at the end of each day. Encourage them to come up with three things they do at the end of each school day to tell their brain they are done with school for the day. Some great ideas for this are: 

  • Closing the computer and putting it fully away in a designated location 
  • Putting away any other school supplies used that day 
  • Going for a walk or play session outside 
  • Having an after-school snack 
  • Doing an activity they enjoy for at least 15 minutes 

3. Come up with a “night before” routine.

One of the best times to prepare for the coming day is the night before. Help your child come up with a brief “night before” routine to help them feel calmer, more centered, and prepared for the next day. This routine can include typical “before bed” activities, such as brushing their teeth, taking a bath or shower, reading a book, but it can also include activities such as thinking about any special preparations for the next day, laying out their clothes and school items, or anything else that will help them feel set up for success the following morning.  

A parent and child go for a hike to decrease stress.
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