How Parents Can Prepare for Online School

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It’s back-to-school time! If your student will soon be attending an online school for the first time, you will have a significant and exciting new role in his or her education. Actively preparing for and learning about being a Learning Coach will not only build your confidence, but will also help you and your student start the school year off strong.

Consider the following back-to-school suggestions to help you and your family prepare for a successful year of online school.

Gear Up for the First Day of School

  • Take advantage of your school’s orientation and events to become more acquainted with the virtual school program. For instance, families enrolling with Connections Academy® can sign up for Online Parent Panels, which are webinars hosted by experienced parents who share their insight, answer questions, and give pointers.
  • Check your computer to be sure it meets the school’s system requirements.
  • Explore the learning management system to get familiar with navigating lessons, communications, and other functions.
  • Set up your student’s learning space in an area free of distractions. You can visit Connections Academy on Pinterest to get back-to-school home classroom ideas(opens in a new tab)!
  • Find out if your school offers tools to help organize your student’s day. If your school provides a to-do list or a list of assignments, make sure you know where to locate each one and how to submit assignments for a grade. With assignments clearly organized, you and your student will feel more in control of the school day.
  • View sample schedules and create a school day schedule using a family planner. Start with this plan, then adjust the learning schedule as needed.
  • Jot down any questions you have about online school and ask your student’s teacher when he or she reaches out at the beginning of the school year.
  • Make sure you and your student are on the same page when it comes to your expectations for online school.

Parent Tasks to Monitor Schoolwork and Progress

When going back to school, experienced Learning Coaches recommend that parents complete the following tasks daily:

  • Determine which assignments need to be completed each day.
  • Review any school announcements.
  • Read and respond to messages.
  • Note and address any overdue lessons for your student.

Here are some additional back-to-school best practices Learning Coaches can do to keep students on track:

  • Review your student’s course calendar each week to check for upcoming tests and projects that require advance preparation.
  • Schedule time for online school sessions, studying, and extracurricular activities.
  • If your student has a specific question about a course, suggest reaching out to the online teacher before you jump in.
  • Review lessons and assignments and submit them at the end of each day.
  • Record attendance daily.
  • When the school day is over, double-check to see if all the required tasks have been completed. Connections Academy parents can monitor the students’ progress from their home page—it will tell them if the student is on track or if he or she needs to catch up.

You can conquer your new role in virtual school and help your student make the most of his or her online school year by planning ahead, using the school’s resources, and staying organized

To learn how your child can enjoy the benefits of personalized online learning, visit the website for Connections Academy online public school. Or to learn about online private school, visit Pearson Online Academy ’s website.

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