How Online Learning Is Preparing Students for the New Digital SAT Exam

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By 2024, students will soon be tossing out their No. 2 pencils in exchange for a digital version of the SAT college-entrance exams. The historically paper-based exam will transition to an online version intended to improve accessibility for students and provide them with a more familiar testing format for the digital age. Though the new SAT online test will remain on-site, it will return to being scored out of 1600, shorten to two hours instead of three, and allow the use of a calculator on the math section. International students will begin testing in the new format in 2023. 

The future of education is online, and news of the SATs going all-digital comes as no surprise. What we know is that digital learning, including college test prep, has substantial advantages for both students and parents. These advantages begin today and prepare students for an increasingly technological tomorrow.  


The Future of Learning 

The COVID-19 pandemic has created an increasing need for virtual learning and testing, and advancements in technology have made it possible to expedite and expand digital options like the emergence of the SAT testing changes. This growing need for online education fortunately provides added learning benefits for students, parents, and educators alike.  

Here are a few of our 2021 online learning survey findings that illustrate what parents and students can gain from the digital-learning revolution: 

  1. Students who transitioned to online learning during the pandemic increased their self-sufficiency by 79% and their resilience by 78%. 
  2. Parents reported that online learning has brought their family closer, and men have become more involved in their children’s learning.  
  3. Since shifting to online learning, student competencies saw an 85% increase.  

Not all online education programs are created equal, though, and each will produce different results. However, according to our 2021 Parent Satisfaction Survey, 95% of parents agree that the Connections Academy® program is preparing their student(s) for future success.  


Online Students Are Prepared for the Future … and the Future of the SAT Exam

With Connections Academy’s accredited curriculum and college test-prep support, students learn what to expect in an online test, including the SAT digital format. They also develop skills that are critical for both their education and future performance in what will be a highly-digitized workplace. Some of these skills include:  

  • Time Management – Virtual learning provides accountability and flexibility that teaches time-management skills and meets students’ individual needs.  
  • Independence – Students learn how to take charge of their own learning, develop goals, and acquire critical-thinking skills that help them determine when to reach out for support.  
  • Planning – Students work alongside supportive staff to plan for their future and ensure they’re prepared for all relevant entrance exams, including the SATs, if necessary.  

Connections Academy understands that every student has unique learning needs and preferences. When preparing for the SATs, dedicated and supportive counselors guide students in developing a plan that aligns with their future goals. Students are guided on how to:  

  • Create an individualized study plan for the SAT. 
  • Register for an SAT test date.  
  • Visit the SAT practice section on the official website and check out the free resources, such as the question of the day, sample practice questions, and a free practice test.  
  • Take the PSAT, the official SAT practice test.   
  • Study SAT vocabulary lists. 
  • Solve SAT math practice problems to sharpen your math skills. 
  • Review different test-taking approaches, including preparation for the SAT online test. 


Are You Ready for the Digital SAT Test? 

This new format will allow the learning and testing process to transition seamlessly from online college test prep to online SAT testing without a change in materials or methods—no No. 2 pencils required. In other words, how students prepare is how they test, maximizing their potential for success. 

Connections Academy students don’t prepare for the future, they prepare for their future. We provide an impactful online education that addresses the challenges and accommodates the needs of each and every student. With more than 20 years of experience in online learning, Connections Academy knows how to help your child thrive in the online classroom and succeed in the digital world ahead. Learn more about how Connections Academy can make an impact in your student’s life. 

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