7 Benefits of Early Enrollment for Online School

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Enrolling online early at Connections Academy

Making the choice to switch to an online school is a big decision. In your research, you’ll find there are many impactful elements of online education that K–12 students and parents alike benefit from. Many online schools allow students to learn at their own pace, take advantage of flexible scheduling, and feel more supported by their teachers and parents in the educational process.

If you are considering making the switch for your student to online school, early enrollment is key.

Here are seven benefits of enrolling early in online school:

  1. Secure their virtual seat early.
  2. Gain more time to set up materials and technology.
  3. Access to helpful orientation sessions.
  4. Establish a learning space for active learning.
  5. Review student lessons.
  6. Create and adjust schedule.
  7. Receive a welcome call from their teacher.
Young student working on an online school class at home sitting with her Learning Partner.

1. Secure your student’s virtual seat

Online schools are becoming increasingly popular as an education option for students; in 2021, 75% of U.S. schools planned to operate completely online. Because of this rise in popularity, many schools have implemented caps for how many students are allowed to enroll. So, it’s important to research and enroll early.

2. More time to receive and set up materials

When your student is an early enrollee, they have more time to receive, get familiar with, and set up materials needed for online school, including any new technology. This is a great benefit for both the student and their Learning Coach.

3. Access to helpful orientation sessions

Many online schools offer orientations that are specifically designed to help prepare students (and parents) for the transition to online learning and to give them the greatest chance of success. This is one of the most valuable benefits of online education K–12 that should be taken advantage of. Helpful orientations like Connections Academy’s Learning Coach Success Series introduce you to the “Learning Coach” role and can provide tips on how to offer the right support for your child.

Young student in a yellow shirt working on an online school class at home in her study.

4. Establish learning space for active learning

Online school requires a new learning environment. When you enroll early, K through 12 students have lots of time to set up their new “classroom” and personalize their learning space for active learning.

5. Extra time to review student lessons

By enrolling early in online school, students and parents are given maximum time to familiarize themselves with lesson plans and expectations for the classroom. For example, with the Pearson Online Classroom, students receive access to lessons weeks in advance, so they’re able to come in as prepared as possible on their first day.

6. Create and adjust schedule

Another one of the great benefits of online education K–12 is the flexibility it offers for your student’s schedule. Flexible scheduling at Connections Academy means you can adapt your student’s schedule to meet your family’s needs. Enroll your child early to start mapping out a schedule that will work for you and your child.

7. Receive a welcome call from their teacher

What better way to make your child feel welcome in their new online school than with a personalized welcome call from their teacher? Connections Academy teachers schedule a welcome call for new enrolling families. Enroll early to ensure you have the opportunity to connect with your child’s teacher before the first day of school and ask any questions.

There are numerous benefits to online school early enrollment. However, your child isn’t the only one who will benefit from a head start. Check out some great tips for how parents can also prepare for online school.

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