7 Ways to Introduce Students to Performing Arts

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Introducing Students to the Performing Arts

If your kids show interest in theater and the performing arts, perhaps the best place to start is at home. From enjoying your favorite musicals together to playing theater games, there are so many ways to celebrate the performing arts together. Try these performing arts activities you can easily do at home.

Exploring Performing Arts for Kids at Home

1. Watch plays and musicals

One of the easiest ways to introduce theater and music is to watch classic films and musicals for kids at home. Find your favorites or look for something new on your go-to streaming service. Make it even more fun by turning it into a family movie night. After you watch, start a discussion and ask your kids to tell you about their thoughts or favorite scenes or songs.

2. Introduce your kids to famous creatives

Many kids grow up not knowing that a career in the arts is a possibility simply because they weren’t exposed to the opportunities or encouragement. If your child shows interest, make sure they know there is potential by teaching them about popular performers, artists, songwriters, and musicians. Talk positively about these career paths and help your child realize the possibilities.

3. Play theater games for kids

Acting and theater games for kids are a great way to help your student feel comfortable performing or even just speaking in front of others. Games help students use their imagination and spark creativity. Plus, play-based learning is one of the best ways to help kids learn. Search online for theater activities or acting games to play at home or check to see if any performing arts organizations in your area have programs for kids. If you can’t find any locally, the Folger Shakespeare Library offers resources on delving into Shakespeare for kids—including games and downloadable language activities.

4. Encourage kids to perform

Once you’ve explored the world of the performing arts and your child expresses interest in taking a step further, encourage them to practice performing at home. You can pick a favorite story to act out or make up one of your own. Assign roles to family members, schedule a rehearsal, and eventually put on your own performance. 

Exploring Performing Arts for Kids in Your Community

From theaters and playhouses to actual performing arts classes and lessons, many communities have a robust performing arts scene. If your student shows a real interest in getting involved in theater for kids, ask around or search in your area for activities that may interest them.

5. Check out a local show

Once you’ve established your student’s appreciation for shows on film, it may be time to take them to a live show. Check your local community theater for a play or get tickets to a show your child might enjoy. 

6. Attend a live concert

Live music is another important component of the performing arts industry. Again, check for events in your community. From live bands and orchestra to a spoken word or poetry competition, exposing your child to the many possibilities of performing arts is bound to help get their creative juices flowing.

7. Get involved in community theater

Community theater organizations are committed to education and enrichment for kids. The perfect addition to your child’s online school experience may be extracurricular theater activities. Your child could start out taking classes and eventually perform in an actual play or musical.

Whether your kids are already showing interest or you’re looking for a way to introduce them to the world of performing arts, here are several ways to engage them at home and in your greater community.

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