A History of Aviation: 5 Wright Brothers Facts for Kids

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A History of Aviation: 5 Wright Brothers Facts for Kids Image

Nowadays, when we think about the history of aviation, the Wright brothers come to mind almost instantly.  

On December 17, 1903, Wilbur and Orville Wright made history by flying the first manned, motorized, heavier-than-air “flying machine” at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. Through imagination, hard work, and years of research and experimentation, they achieved the centuries-old dream of human flight.  

As inventors, the two brothers shared credit for their mastery innovations and were close throughout their lives. However, there was a division of labor behind the scenes, as Wilbur was the business mind behind the operations and served as the president of the Wright company. Interested in learning more Wright brothers fun facts? Read on!  

Connections Academy students learn about the Wright brother's first airplane.

Keep Learning with these Wright Brothers Activities

Now that you know a few facts about early aviation, try these age-appropriate activities for your family to see firsthand what the Wright brothers learned through years of trial and error: 

Activities for Grades 1–6:

Wondering how to make the Wright brothers’ airplane? Check out this Smithsonian activity to help assemble the 1903 flyer. 

Activities for Grades 6-12:

Read about lift and drag and watch a demonstration here. Use this interactive model to learn how each part of the control system affects the plane’s movement. 

Activities for All Ages:

Want to learn more about the Wright brothers? Visit the Smithsonian Institution’s online exhibit or the Wright Brothers National Memorial and Museum

The Wright brothers proved just how much can be accomplished with a bit of grit and determination. They never let their failures pull them down but used them as the building blocks for what was to come and to make their minds and inventions stronger. It’s important to teach children the importance of perseverance and understanding the strength and opportunity found in failure. Learn more about how Connections Academy® inspires students to pursue their passions and step outside of their comfort zones to achieve success.  

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