Day In the Life of Sarah

See what a typical day is like for Sarah, a Connections Academy high school student seeking a welcoming learning environment. Find out how our online public school gives students the supportive environment they need to learn their best.
Learning, Her Way

Meet Sarah

As an 11th grade student at Connections Academy, Sarah has found a learning path that works for her.

Type of a Learner Seeking Safe Environment, Needs More Flexibility.

Learning Coach Mother

8:00 AM

Wake Up

Start the day taking care of medical needs.

Personal time
9:00 AM


Personal time
10:30 AM

Prepare for the Day’s Classes

Log into her online classroom and go through the days’ schedule to see the lessons and assignments she needs to complete for 2D Animation, Journalism, Economics, Geometry, and English.

11:00 AM


Take care of additional medical needs and work with her service dogs.

12:00 PM

2D Animation Coursework

Work through the day’s 2D Animation lessons and then check her understanding and connect with her teachers if she needs help mastering any of the concepts.

12:30 PM

Lunch Break

Personal time
1:30 PM

Journalism Coursework

Return to the day’s lessons and complete Journalism assignments. When needed, her Learning Coach is there to lend a hand and make sure she’s understanding the concepts she’s being taught.

3:00 PM

Outdoor Time

Head outside with the dogs for fresh air and sunshine.

Personal time
3:30 PM

Arts and Crafts

On bad weather days, work on diamond pictures, water colors or other projects.

4:00 PM

Geometry and 2D Animation Coursework

Take care of assignments in Geometry and work on longer-term 2D Animation projects, connecting with peers when there’s a group project to complete.

5:00 PM

Talk to Dad

Enjoy a video chat with dad whenever he’s on military assignment.

7:00 PM

Coursework or Rest

Handle a bit of schoolwork when it’s needed and turn in any remaining assignments, with her Learning Coach double checking that everything is complete for the day.

Sarah’s Story

When muscular dystrophy, multiple doctor appointments, and other obstacles began to put a strain on her education, Connections Academy’s convenient and inclusive online schooling gave her the high school experience she deserved.

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