Sarah’s Online School Experience

When obstacles related to Sarah's muscular dystrophy began to put a strain on her education, Connections Academy’s convenient and inclusive online schooling gave her the high school experience she deserved.

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Sarah’s condition requires that she see multiple specialists each month. With many of these doctor’s offices located nearly three hours from her home, she began to miss a lot of school. This meant missing a lot of assignments, as well as time with her friends. This was often further complicated by illnesses caught by attending school in person, where viruses such as the flu and even the common cold put her at high risk for severe complications and more doctor visits.

An intelligent student and avid reader, Sarah pressed on through the stress of missed school days, many times working far ahead of her classmates. But eventually, it got to be too much. When she and her family discovered Connections Academy’s online schooling program, they were excited to learn about its flexibility and welcoming community.

The Right High School Experience

Throughout the years Sarah has attended Connections Academy, her teachers and the administration have gone above and beyond to ensure she receives the support and guidance she needs to thrive in school.

By empowering Sarah to take control of her schedule and deadlines, she was not only able to complete her assignments on time but she was also able to excel—and is now on pace to graduate with honors.

Because she switched to learning from home, Sarah hasn’t been exposed to the common in-classroom illnesses, which has meant fewer doctor appointments. Her social life has also improved: feeling comfortable in her surroundings, she has been better able to express herself and connect with other students.

“At Connections Academy, my daughter has never been made to feel that her disabilities are what define her. She has come to realize that it is her knowledge and ability to learn that define her.”

— Sarah’s Mother

Since joining Connections Academy, Sarah hasn’t looked back. For her and her family, Connections Academy’s online school has been the key to ensuring she gets the education, and high school experience she deserves.

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