Day In the Life of Neil

See what a typical day looked like for Neil, a Connections Academy graduate who needed to gain the necessary skills to join the family business after graduation. Find out how our online public school gives students the supportive environment they need to learn their best.
Building a Career While Going to School

Meet Neil

After attending Connections Academy for eight years, Neil was more than prepared for what the future held, having learned the real-world skills he needed to join the family business.

Type of a Learner Career Focused

Learning Coach Mother

7:30 AM

Wake Up

Eat breakfast and get ready for a busy day.

Personal time
8:30 AM

Community Service

Head into his community and make it stronger by volunteering with local organizations.

Personal time
12:30 PM

Family Responsibilities

Stop by his grandmother’s house to assist with any chores she needs done, from working in the yard to touching up paint.

4:00 PM

Complete Lessons & Assignments

Go through several of the day’s lessons, reaching out to teachers or his Learning Coach if he needs any support in mastering the new information. Then, complete the most pressing assignments, double checking that they’re done well.

7:00 PM


Personal time
8:00 PM

Finish Up Assignments

Log back into his online classroom and complete any of the day’s lessons that he didn’t get to earlier. Turn in assignments due and connect with his Learning Coach to ensure he hasn’t missed anything. Quickly review any upcoming assignments and get a head start on assignments that will take extra time.

9:00 PM

Finished for the Day!

Personal time

Neil’s Story

Connections Academy’s flexible schedule and curriculum offered Neil the online school experience he needed to create the future he wanted.

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