Neil’s Online School Experience

As a busy volunteer and dedicated grandson, Neil needed an alternative school solution to support his future of joining the family business. Connections Academy’s flexible schedule and curriculum offered him the school experience he needed to create the future he wanted.

Type of a Learner

Career Prep Scheduling Needs

Preparing to Join the Family Business

The son of an electrical contractor, Neil had already made plans to join the family business. Besides being one of the highest-paid skilled trades, electrical work also presented him with the opportunity to travel the world and work in many foreign countries.

In addition to preparing for his career, Neil had other responsibilities. Helping his grandmother with daily chores, part-time work, and volunteering in his community kept this outgoing teen more than busy. When considering online schools, Neil and his family really liked the idea of having more flexibility in his schedule. The family also liked the fact that they would have more involvement in Neil’s social environment during his critical, formative years.

An Online Education Like No Other

After his sixth-grade year, Neil’s family enrolled him in Connections Academy. From day one, they knew it was the right decision. The Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses were what Neil needed to prepare for his future in the family business.

The classroom setting was also exactly the environment he was looking for. The online learning portal, teachers, and structure of Connections Academy’s online courses made it easy for him to stay organized and on track.

Neil was happy that he could attend school in the mornings, afternoons, or even while he was on vacation. It allowed him the freedom to work part time, as well as volunteer in the community, which gave him a huge advantage heading out into the world after graduation.

“While it’s true that most online programs offer similar flexibility, none compared to how easy Connections Academy’s online classroom was to use and how effortless it was to stay organized, especially when it came to keeping up with specific courses and making as wise a use of time as possible,” Neil said.

For Neil and his family, Connections Academy was everything they could have asked for from an online education. Now he’s better able to take on the family business and the world!

Day In The Life of Neil

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