Day In the Life of Madison

See what a typical day is like for Madison, a gifted Connections Academy high school student. Find out how our online public school gives students the supportive environment they need to learn their best.
Advanced Learning for an Advanced Student

Meet Madison

As a 12th grade student at Connections Academy, Madison has launched herself toward her future. She’s following the college dual enrollment path and using her more flexible day to earn college credits while pursuing her passions.

Type of a Learner Advanced Learner

Learning Coach Mother

7:00 AM

Wake Up

Get started on the right foot with a good breakfast.

Personal time
8:00 AM

Get Dressed and Ready to Go

Personal time
8:30 AM

Prepare for the Day’s Classes

Log into her online classroom and go through the day's schedule to see the lessons and assignments she needs to complete. Check in with her Learning Coach to make sure she’s planned the day well.

9:00 AM


Focus on the daily lesson for her college-level course in American Literature. Complete any reading and writing assignments and reach out to her teacher if she needs additional clarification or support.

11:00 AM

Lunch Break

Personal time
12:30 PM


Spend some time focusing on self-care and keeping herself strong and healthy.

Personal time
1:00 PM


Continue with the day’s learning, completing the lesson for her college-level World Geography course. Run anything by her Learning Coach or teacher that she’s unsure about and double check that everything she’s turning in is done well. Spend a few moments reviewing upcoming assignments and deadlines in order to stay on track.

3:00 PM


Attend her Connections Academy school’s online BETA Club and meet with fellow students who are as committed to achievement and service as she is.

4:00 PM

College Course: Calculus

Sign into Zoom and virtually attend her college-level calculus class at Kennesaw State University, building new knowledge that will help her reach her goals faster.

5:30 PM

College Course: Mechanical Engineering

Several times a week, stay logged into Zoom and attend her college-level Mechanical Engineering course, which is also at Kennesaw State University.

6:30 PM


Personal time
7:30 PM

Work on Robotics Projects

Follow her biggest passion and spend time learning about, designing and building robotics, using what she’s learned in and out of the classroom.

Madison's Story

Connections Academy’s flexible schedule, gifted and talented program, and dual-credit enrollment helped this busy student pursue her passions and gain the confidence and credits she needed to get a head start on college.

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