Day In the Life of Leon

See what a typical day looks like for Leon, a bright Connections Academy student and talented violinist. Find out how our online public school gives students the supportive environment they need to learn their best.
Balancing Learning with a Passion for Music

Meet Leon

As a high school senior at Connections Academy, Leon is using his more flexible schedule to pursue his passion for music while receiving the support he needs to transition from homeschool into online public school.

Type of a Learner Homeschool Transition, Pursuing a Passion

Learning Coach Mother

7:00 AM

Wake Up & Carpool Siblings

Begin the day with a good breakfast and then drive one sister to her gymnastics lesson and the other to her school.

8:00 AM

Start the Day’s Classes

Log into his online classroom and review the upcoming lessons and assignments, checking in with his Learning Coach to make sure his schedule makes sense. Take care of the shortest lesson, with the goal of completing it a day early so as to leave plenty of time for his musical pursuits.

8:30 AM

Violin Lesson

Head to his violin lesson and spend time perfecting his performance skills.

Personal time
10:00 AM


Handle additional lessons for his classes, going through the multimedia learning materials and reaching out to his teacher if he needs support.

11:00 AM

Lunch Break

Personal time
12:00 PM

Wrap Up The Day’s Lessons

Complete any lessons he hasn’t already gotten to and make a note of each lesson’s assignments, which he’ll tackle later.

2:00 PM

Second Violin Lesson

Personal time
4:00 PM

Handle Assignments

Work on upcoming assignments and turn in any that are due. Ask his Learning Coach or teacher for assistance if any assignment poses a serious challenge. Check in with his Learning Coach to make sure he hasn’t missed anything and that he is on track for the week.

5:00 PM

Teach Violin Lesson

Share his talent and passion with younger violinists, teaching them how to play and become stronger musicians.

Personal time
7:30 PM

Dinner & Finished for the Day

Personal time

Leon's Story

Connections Academy was the key to unlocking this student’s promising musical future and easing his transition from home school.

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