Leon’s Online School Experience

When homeschool student Leon transferred to a traditional public school, his rigid class schedule began to interfere with his musical studies. Connections Academy was the key to unlocking this student’s promising musical future.

Type of a Learner

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Making the Transition from Homeschool to Virtual School

For many students, transferring from homeschool to a traditional brick-and-mortar school comes with challenges. Meeting new friends, adjusting to strict scheduling, and having teachers who aren’t your parents can be difficult. But for Leon, it was much simpler: as a serious music student, traditional high school meant rearranging his entire schedule. That’s when he and his parents began looking at virtual schooling options.

Finding Balance Through Online Schooling

Attending an online school proved to be exactly what this busy high school student needed. Connections Academy’s flexible scheduling has allowed Leon to attend classes while pursuing his violin studies. He also has time to tend to his chores and extracurricular activities.

Unlike with homeschooling, having supportive teachers who specialize in their subject; a highly engaging curriculum; and a variety of resources, such as tutoring, message boards, and LiveLesson® sessions has helped Leon excel academically. He also has more opportunities to connect with old schoolmates and meet new, like-minded students, allowing him to gain the social and emotional skills he’ll need in the real world.

“I get to shift my work around a lot throughout the week, so I don’t have to do every subject every day. If I have Youth Symphony one night and I want to do less work and prepare more for what we’re going to do in rehearsal, I’m able to do that,”

— Leon

Leon is now in college pursuing a double major in biology and violin performance. Attending Connections Academy provided this talented, outgoing student with the ideal transition from homeschool to high school.

Day In The Life of Leon

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