Day In the Life of Kalimah

See what a typical day is like for Kalimah, a Connections Academy elementary school student and budding entrepreneur. Find out how our online public school gives students the supportive environment they need to learn their best.
Making Time to Pursue Passions

Meet Kalimah

As a 5th grade student at Connections Academy and a budding entrepreneur, Kalimah uses the increased flexibility of her schedule to pursue her passions and run her own lip gloss company.

Type of a Learner Pursuit of Passions

Learning Coach Mother

6:00 AM

Wake Up

Eat breakfast and get ready for a day of school and business.

Personal time
7:00 AM

Head out for the day, bringing her laptop with her so she can handle lessons and assignments on the go.

Personal time
8:00 AM

Prepare for the Day’s Classes

Log into her online classroom and review the lessons and assignments she has for the day, checking in with her Learning Coach to make sure her schedule makes sense and she hasn’t left anything off.

8:30 AM

Social Studies Coursework

Focus on the day’s first Social Studies lesson, going through the resources and gaining mastery of the material. Connect with her teacher if she needs extra support or has any questions about what she’s learning.

10:00 AM

Essential Math LiveLesson®

Join an Essential Math LiveLesson® session, gathering in a virtual classroom with her teacher and fellow students for a live discussion of an important topic. Participate and ask questions, engaging with the material and with others.


LiveLesson sessions are real-time online learning sessions where teachers, students and peers meet in the online classroom. Teachers engage students with activities and demonstrations to reinforce challenging concepts.

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11:00 AM

Lunch Break

Personal time
12:00 PM

Language Arts Coursework

Complete any lessons that are still outstanding for Language Arts and handle assignments that are due soon. Ask her Learning Coach or teacher for help if any of the assignments pose a challenge.

1:00 PM

Run Her Business

Spend time working on her business plan, checking on orders and making sure her business is running—and growing—in the way she wants.

2:30 PM

Head Home for the Day

Personal time
4:00 PM

Wrap Up Assignments & Prep for Mathletes

Finish any assignments that are due and double check with her Learning Coach that she hasn’t missed anything. Get a start on any big assignments that will take extra time.

5:00 PM


Personal time
6:00 PM

Finished for the Day!

Personal time

Kalimah’s Story

Connections Academy® helps students, and their families, discover new ways of making their dreams come true. Kalimah was able to thrive in school and inspired to start her own business.

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